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Cats and Dogs at Home: How to Avoid Pet Fights?

What are the chances of cats and dogs getting along? There is even a saying "They fight like cats and dogs!" but is it accurate? There are several ways you can prevent pet fights in your home whether you're a dog owner looking to introduce a cat into your home or the other way around. With the proper technique, you don’t have to worry about having these 2 furry pals living together in the same house. In fact, they can even be best of friends!

1. Complementary personalities

Complementary personalities

Every cat and dog has a unique personality. Some cats and dogs prefer to be alone while some like to interact and be playful. Knowing your cats' and dogs' personalities is ideal in order to fully access how they will get along. You may determine that it might be wise to first have them in separate rooms and then gradually introduce them.  

As long as neither perceives the other as prey or a competitor, an energetic, playful cat should get along well with a playful dog. Older dogs who are easygoing and relaxed may get along better with relaxed, older cats. Don't try to force two personalities that are not compatible. Ideally, carefully observe their behavior towards one another and from there, act accordingly. You will know if they can tolerate each other or if it’s best to just have them in their own space. 

2. Teach Your Cat and Dog Basic Commands

Teach Your Cat and Dog Basic Commands

Teaching your cat and dog some simple obedience tricks will help them know that it is wrong to fight with their fellow furry friends. You may also use distractions such as giving them treats, toys, or other enticing things when the situation gets tough and a fight may arise. Make sure you put your dog on a leash and separate your cat when training them. 

3. Redirect Your Pet’s Behavior

Early detection and correction of your pet's aggressive behavior will make it easier for you in the long run. . It is wise to nip it in the bud because if not handled immediately, it could become a destructive habit.  As soon as you notice signs of aggression from both of them, redirect their attention immediately to a more exciting activity. When they obey you, give them a treat as a reward. They will eventually choose to avoid fights since they know you will reward them. If they are both calm from the beginning, appreciate and praise them too. This will help create a  bond between them, and they will get used to each other. 

Keep an escape route available to your cat just in case. Use cat trees, cat condos, tall furniture, and cat shelves as escape routes. Ready your dog crate as well, in case your dog is aggressive at times. Keep your dog on a leash for your cat’s safety. By developing positive associations, they will be comfortable and peaceful toward each other. 

4. Make sure your pets are entertained and active

Make sure your pets are entertained and active

Sometimes our pets are just bored so they look for activities that might occupy them. As we all know, our cats and dogs are full of energy. Make sure you and your family members keep them active by walking, playing, and interacting with them. 

Give your cat and dog a safe space so they will not be overwhelmed with their surroundings. Keeping your pets occupied with healthy activities, in addition to being well fed and rested, will help keep a peaceful and stress-free home for everyone.  

5. Reintroduce them once again

Reintroduce them once again

Occasionally, you may have to reintroduce your cat and dog. This involves keeping them apart until they are no longer stressed by the smell or sound of each other. Start feeding them on opposite sides of a closed-door until they are both calm enough to eat together. You can also make them stay in one room as long as your dog is on the leash, and you are present. The process could take weeks. Prioritize the safety of your pets and family members at all times. 

How to Prevent Cat and Dog Fights?

The prevention of fights between cats and dogs will require daily training for several weeks to months. You will achieve your goals if you are patient and persistent. There is nothing more exciting than to see your pets get along with each other. By following all these tips and strategies as well as reassuring your pets that you love them equally, they will be good friends in no time.

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