Why Humans and Their Pups Love Fetch Day

Why Humans and Their Pups Love Fetch Day

Fetch has roots as deep as tens of thousands of years ago. Dog’s wolf ancestors progressed from hunting competitors into hunting partners, leading to their domestication. Fetch started off as a survival tactic, but has since changed making it a game over the centuries.

Dogs are hunters, and they have instincts that they need to satisfy. One of those is to chase. Clearly, they aren’t chasing a bowl of kibble, so fetch helps satisfy those cravings to seek.


Socially Active


As a dog parent, it’s important to make sure you're giving your dog a happy and healthy lifestyle. One simple game of fetch gets you and your dog some exercise, helps your dog engage, releases their natural instinct to chase, and helps strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Overall, fetch is more than just a game.

Benefits of Playing Fetch


There are benefits for both you and your pup while playing fetch.

  • Helps them to sleep better at night. By playing fetch, they get to release some pent-up energy and is a good source of exercise.
  • Keeps them in shape. It's recommended that dogs are physically active for at least 30 minutes or up to 2 hours a day. Without physical exercise, your dog could quickly gain weight or become obese.
  • Prolongs their life. Fetch is also mentally healthy for your dog as it encourages them to destress, relax, and play. Increased activity can also decrease destructive behaviors.
  • Bonds you and your pup. Dogs are notoriously loyal animals and the bond created between a dog and his human while playing fetch has a significant impact on their relationship.

Playing fetch is a good exercise for both humans and their pooches. Not to mention, it's fun to watch them run around in circles trying to catch the ball!



Playtime makes us all happy, so go on outside and get ready for some Fetch Day fun! There are many dog parks and dog friendly restaurants doing fun things for this National Fetch Day. Be sure to share with us some of the fun you have today by posting on social media. @vitalpetlife #NationalFetchDay