Making a Positive Impact Through Our Mission

As a conscientious pet wellness company, our first responsibility is to design our products responsibly, with as light a footprint on our ocean as possible. In partnering with an ethical supplier, we integrate pure fish oil products with our mission of transparency and sustainability to create a win-win solution for pet owners. Our supply chain and sustainability are inseparable which offers pet owners continued trust through transparency, setting us apart and raising the bar within the pet industry.

rePurpose Global Partner

We’re proud to be partners with rePurpose Global to remove one lb/kg of plastic from the ocean for every product we sell. We are able to achieve this through rePurpose’s Impact Guarantee program. Our specific vetted impact project Laut Yang Tenang is Vital Pet Life’s effort to stop ocean bound plastic waste from leaking into Indonesia’s coasts and protect its fragile ecosystems and biodiversity. The project focuses on the recycling of low-value, flexible LDPE and HDPE plastics, which are typically ignored by local waste collectors due to low market value. Through a network of Material Recovery Facilities, Project Laut Yang Tenang aims to create dignified livelihoods for informal waste aggregators and workers through steady and fair wages and safe working conditions. By mobilizing them to collectively address plastic pollution in Indonesia’s pristine natural environment, the project ensures that plastic waste is collected and sustainably managed, while ensuring ethical standards are upheld.

Passion for Animal Advocacy

Our love of animals inspires us to create a compassionate and socially aware business that makes a positive impact within our community. From day one, we’ve donated our time, products and resources to both local and regional animal rescue shelters. Wags and Walk is our neighborhood rescue shelter with whom we often work. By choosing to purchase from us, you’re helping provide our healing skin & coat and mobility products that comfort and relieve shelter dogs, while they anxiously await their forever home. For this we’re eternally grateful.

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Our Approach to Pet Wellness

Less is More

Bigger is not always better. As a family run business, we choose to grow with intention so that each and every product is formulated with precision, research and care.

Responsible Sourcing

An ethical and secure supply chain is a gamechanger and win-win for our brand and for you. We believe in science and transparency, so what is on our label is in the bottle. You don’t have to compromise or choose between what’s right for you, your pets or our ocean.

Better Packaging

Our sustainable packaging initiatives include using an Eco-Ready flexible pouch with the How2Recycle label, while continuing to learn from our How2Recycle and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition memberships.

Giving Back/Rescue Shelter Advocacy

I started Vital Pet Life with the goal of healing and supporting animals, while modeling compassion and social awareness. Giving back is a big part of our mission.

Donie’s Message of Optimism

Our message has always been to bring joy and vitality to your pet while aligning our products with our purpose and vision of a sustainable future. In order to do this, we are enriching, educating and elevating our tight knit VPL customer community as well as ourselves. We revel in knowing that our passion for all animals brings us together and we’re grateful to share the love with all of you in our community.


Dog and butterfly
Dog and butterfly