Celebrate Labor Day with Fur babies

Celebrate Labor Day with Fur babies

Fall is coming! But wait! Labor Day is usually observed every first Monday of September. A way to celebrate the social and economic achievements of American workers. Here’s a friendly reminder to every fur-parent on how we could celebrate Labor Day with our furry friends 😉

Beat the Heat

Stay hydrated! Keep the furbabies cool — especially if you plan to have a lot of outdoor activities. The weather may not be at our odds. Try dressing them with shoes to avoid their paws touching hot asphalt or pet hats to get some shade.

Corgi walking beside swimming pool

Terrific Trips

Holiday also means taking a terrific trip. Make sure you still keep an eye on them or never leave them unsupervised so they won’t be lost. Have a fun moment instead. Here’s a sample checklist:
         ☑ Hit the beach or boating
         ☑ Outdoor camping
         ☑ Visit nearby dog park
         ☑ Pet-friendly hiking trails
         ☑ Pet Spa

Dog and cat relaxing day

Munch but Watch

At all times, make sure that you watch what you munch since not all food is good for our furbabies. In addition, keep them away from the grill or any in particular to match while barbecuing. You may feed them as much as you like but still according to their diet so as to avoid severe digestive ailments.

Dog with party cone and lollipop

Fireworks 🎆

Don’t forget to be there for your fur babies. Fireworks could be great but to some noise-sensitive furry friends, the sound makes them stressful at some point. Give them a hug so both of you could enjoy the moment as the sky lights up.

Keep it Cool & Relax

You may also enjoy the celebration indoors just by chilling in your backyard or hosting a pet party. Keep the guest list small to maintain safety. Sometimes the best thing is doing nothing at all! With this, you could recharge yourself and your fur baby.

Dog with beach hat

Labor Day and Salmon Oil Supplement

Labor Day is typically a time for people to relax and enjoy a day off work, and it can certainly be a great opportunity to spend quality time with your pets. During this day you can incorporate salmon oil for dogs and cats into your pet's diet as a healthy supplement. When it comes to giving your pets salmon oil, ensure you follow the appropriate dosage guidelines and consult with a veterinarian to determine the right amount for your specific pet. It's always best to introduce any new supplements gradually and monitor your pet's response. Remember that not all pets may enjoy the taste or tolerate salmon oil well, so it's essential to observe their reactions and consult with a veterinarian if you have any concerns.

Overall, Labor Day can be a wonderful time to celebrate and enjoy the company of your pets while also ensuring their well-being and health.


Have a vibrant Labor Day! How are you celebrating Labor Day with your furbaby this year? We would love to see some pictures! Make sure you tag us @VitalPetLife and use the hashtags #laborday2021 #labordaywithourdog #labordaywithourcat #summersover #worldlaborday #happiness