Vital Pet Life Story

We love our job! We started Vital Pet Life because like all pet owners, we love our pets!

Everyday we get to help pet families solve a multitude of problems; a Shetland pony’s lack of mobility, a makeover for a 14 year old grumpy and matted kitty, an itchy Lakeland Terrier service dog, and countless other pets with skin allergies, hair & joint issues. We believe that our fur-babies should be given the best products and supplements to unlock their happiness, vibrance, and longevity.

Vital Pet Life’s story began when we were unable to find a soothing, non-GMO, toxin-free product to relieve our dog Tuxedo’s extremely dry skin and coat issues. We began researching and formulating clean, sustainably sourced, toxin-free solutions; beginning with our Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. Seeing Tuxedo’s dramatic improvement inspired us to create our business, Vital Pet Life.

After you purchase a VPL product, you’re not only a customer, you’re part of the VPL community and family. Our 100% Happiness Guarantee ensures that every purchase is a success. We strive to always give you quality products and the best customer service.

Happiness, Vibrance, Longevity!

We are committed to the health of your pets!

Much Love ❤️,

Tuxedo, Donie, and Kyle