Donie’s Call to Action: Give Back and Build Community

Donie’s Call to Action: Give Back and Build Community

Reflecting on my experience as a Tory Burch Foundation Fellow, my drive to give back is stronger than ever. My personal passion has always been animals. I love them and care deeply for them. Even though Vital Pet Life is small, we give when we can. We purchased equipment for a  group of animal lovers in our community who volunteer their time helping find lost dogs and reunite them with their families. We also give our Salmon oil for dogs to pet owners to help them learn about supplementing their pets’ diets with natural products. We currently donate our Salmon Oil & Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo to Dogs without Borders; a rescue organization aligned with our vision of giving aid to rescue animals in both the US and overseas.



As Vital Pet Life continues to grow, our goal is to also grow our support and giving. We are reaching out to more local shelters and rescues. I also plan to give back and build community in the Philippines by educating and raising awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering. We would also like to help support a Philippines volunteer rescue organization in my home city. I am investing in my heart. 

(Thank you to all our customers who sent in your pictures! ❤️)

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