Pet owner walking with dog

How Often Do You Walk Your Dog? Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Month

They couldn’t have timed National Walk Your Dog Month any better! Many of us set up New Year’s resolutions for ourselves and one of the many of want to do at the start of a new year is to get healthy. Well, with National Walk Your Dog Month being in January it’s a good way to start off the new year on the right foot - get to stepping!

How often do you walk your dog? There are so many benefits that come with walking, not only for you but for your dog too! Let’s go over some of the many benefits there are to walking your dog.

State of Mind

Bored Pups

Bored pup

Just like us, dogs get bored. If they are stuck inside all day while you are at work, when they get home they know it’s time to go outside and get some fresh air! For many of us though, we just open the back door and let them run the yard. But what if you took at least 30 mins a day to walk your dog?

Walking helps to relieve stress in humans as well as dogs. Letting your dog get some exercise helps them to sleep better too! A daily walk will help with feeling lonely and some of the destructive behaviors that come from boredom.

Mental Stimulation

Dog mental stimulation

While you are out walking your dog, allow them some time to “stop and smell the roses” or the bushes and fences you walk by. Let them enjoy the sights and smells. This will allow them to feel satisfied and fulfilled. After being stimulated by all of the sights and smells along your walk, your dog more willing to lay down and rest the rest of the evening.

Stay Healthy

A Body In Motion...

“A body in motion stays in motion.” We have all heard this and it is true for humans as it is for dogs. Of course the older we get, the slower we move. Same with our pups. But in order to keep them happy and healthy, they need to get moving (just like you).

Healthy dog playing in the garden

Don’t stop because the weather is bad. Maybe cut the walk a little short, but don’t stop. It can be easy to say, it’s pretty cold outside, maybe we’ll just walk tomorrow. Unfortunately, tomorrow turns into the next day, then the next, then the next. They say” make sure you don't skip it for three days straight, because if you let it lapse it's hard to start again.”

A Healthier You and Dog

Walking is so good for you and your dog’s body in countless ways. Getting your hearts pumping gives you both fresh oxygenated blood and a rush of energy, and will keep you healthy for many years to come.

Dog running on the grass

Walking also lubricates the joints, speeds up metabolism, and burns calories. If you both could lose a couple of pounds, or you just want to keep healthy, daily walks for even 30 minutes will achieve this goal. What better gift can you give to yourself and your dog other than a longer and higher quality of life?

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Because You Both Enjoy the Time Together

Child walking with a dog

Something so simple can do so much for you and your dog. Walking helps you bond with each other. You will get to know their favorite potty spots, and they will get to learn some of his and your boundaries!

Our doggies don’t ask for much, just some love, attention, and yummy food. So giving him time every day where he gets to just do what he loves, will ultimately lead to a very happy dog. We know our fur babies enjoy spending time with us, and allowing them 30 minutes of enjoyment and exercise each day is the least we can do to keep them healthy and at their best. Even the calm dogs get excited when you grab the leash and start putting on your shoes.

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