How to Keep Your Dogs Active Indoors

How to Keep Your Dogs Active Indoors

For optimal health, fitness, and happiness, dogs require both physical exercise and mental challenge. Training can be found in activities like walking, jogging, and playing, while a wide variety of other activities can stimulate the mind.

Thinking of creative methods to keep your dog occupied can be more tiring than actually doing it. Consequently, here is a compiled set of simple activities that will keep your dog occupied even just staying in the comfort of your home.

Why Dogs Need to be Kept Active

Why Dogs Need to be Kept Active

Retrievers, Poodles, Spaniels, and Dobermans, among others, have higher activity needs. Some dog breeds, like the Chow Chow, Greyhounds, Shar Peis, and others are well suited to persons with hectic schedules since they are content to spend their time alone. There will be times when you just can't take your dog outside for some fresh air and exercise. The easiest way to keep them occupied and get them some physical activity is probably through indoor activities.

Dogs need daily exercise to maintain a healthy body and a high level of energy. Most dogs enjoy challenges and appreciate it when their owners take the time to engage with them.

What Activities Can My Dog Do Indoors

What Activities Can My Dog Do Indoors

There are still lots of ways for you and your dog to be active even if you're locked inside your home. Whatever the reason, dogs still require regular exercise, therefore their owners should come up with fun indoor activities for both their pets and themselves.

Keeping your dog active can be challenging, so here is a list of indoor activities to get you and your dog started.

List of Indoor Activities

List of Indoor Activities
Hide and Seek with a Treats Reward

One of the simplest ways to wear out your dog is to engage in some nose work activities with him. By playing simple nose work activities with your dog like "find the treats," you can keep them physically active and cognitively stimulated.

Plain Hide and Seek

It may not seem like much fun to us, but many dogs get a genuine thrill out of the game of hide-and-seek. The central idea is that the person (or people) hiding will eventually call the dog by name, at which point the dog will come searching for them.

Create Obstacles Inside your House

Setting up an obstacle course is a surefire way to stimulate a dog's mind and body. Most of the tricks performed by dogs at some dog show—such as jumping over chairs, tunneling under tables, and looping around pillars—are easy enough to practice at home.


Play Fetch

The game of fetch is easy enough for anyone to pick up and play. It only takes a throw for your dog to fetch back whatever you throw.

Play Shell Game

One of the most fun ways to improve your dog's focus and intelligence is to play this fantastic thinking game. Let your dog see you put a treat under one of several cups or bowls, then move them around until your dog discovers the correct treat location. 

Train Them To Do Some Household CommandsIf you've dropped anything and need it retrieved, give your dog a job to do; even if it's only picking up the item, it will make your dog happy. Making them feel even more useful is as simple as teaching them the names of things you'd like fetched.

Just Keep Running

Your dog will have a good time with even the most basic of running games. You should let your dog chase you, but always set boundaries for when to stop. You should also instruct them not to bite or leap on you while playing.

Salmon Oil for Dogs

Keep your dog in top shape with salmon oil for dogs. This nutritional supplement is popular because it works. It is a great, natural way to keep your dog's skin and coat healthy. Research backs it up and both adult dogs and puppies can use it safely. In addition to healthy skin and coat, improvements to the immune system and reduced inflammation in joints are some of the benefits.

It is always fun to have a dog inside your house. Although it might be a bit of a responsibility to go outside, always remember that there are ways to still keep the fun relationship with you and your dog even by just staying inside your house. Start trying these activities now and see which of these will be your dog's favorite indoor game!

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