It's National Rescue Dog Day on May 20

National Rescue Dog Day

Today is National Rescue Dog Day! We celebrate National Rescue Dog Day every May 20th. This is a day to celebrate all of the fantastic rescue dogs who have been through so much. These dogs are incredibly resilient, and they deserve our continued love and support. Rescue dog adoption rates are on the rise, but many dogs are still waiting for their fur-ever homes. If you're thinking about adding a furry friend to your family, please consider adopting a rescue dog! They will repay you with unconditional love and devotion.

Why National Rescue Dog Day is So Important

The first National Rescue Dog Day was created by Lisa Wiehebrink of Tails That Teach and is celebrated annually on May 20th. Tails That Teach is a non-profit organization that promotes compassion for animals and people among young children while also raising awareness about the number of dogs in shelters.

Dog in shelter

According to the ASPCA, over 3.3 million dogs are either abandoned or mistreated every year and end up in a shelter or rescue. What makes this day so important is that these abandoned or abused animals still need a fur-ever home, where their potential could be endless. Many dogs will be euthanized if they don't get adopted by a loving family.

Overcoming Obstacles

Rescue dogs often overcome extreme obstacles. And yet, they provide comfort, security, and friendship as family pets. Rescue dogs are also capable of much more. With training, they contribute to the independence of people with disabilities as service animals and give comfort to the elderly. In these circumstances, they become our eyes, ears, or legs and our best friend.

Waiting for my new best friend

Ways to Celebrate National Rescue Dog Day

Celebrate and participate in the lives of dogs who have been saved. There are a number of methods to express your puppy love.

  • Volunteering at your local animal shelter is a great way to give back. Taking dogs for walks, grooming, and providing them with lots of love and attention helps them to socialize.
  • Shelters always need help. Any financial aid is appreciated. The majority of shelters have a long list of regular items, such as blankets, bleach, toys, rewards, and leashes.
  • Consider adopting a dog from the shelter and giving it a fur-ever home.
  • Foster may be a better option for you if you aren't sure you can fully adopt a shelter dog. Many dogs who are abandoned in shelters require medical treatment or rehabilitation before they can be adopted.
  • Remember to spay and neuter your pets. Overpopulation is the primary cause behind shelters.

Thank you!

Thank you!

We want to thank all the volunteers, rescuers, and foster families who work tirelessly to save these dogs' lives. We know how much you care and love these rescue dogs, and they wouldn't be able to be adopted out if it wasn't for you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Why National Rescue Dog Day is Important to Vital Pet Life

National Rescue Dog Day is a special day to celebrate the heroism and resilience of rescue dogs all over the world. These dogs have overcome incredible obstacles and continue to make a difference in the lives of many humans every day. There are many ways to show your support for rescue dogs, but the best way is simply by being there for them. Thank you to all the volunteers who dedicate their time and resources to rescuing these amazing animals, and please consider adopting or fostering a rescue dog in your area. Is there a rescue dog in your life? Share your rescue dog stories and use #NationalRescueDogDay on social media. @vitalpetlife
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