Dog chained in a small dog house

January is Unchain a Dog Month

This is NOT how a dog should be treated!

January is Unchain a Dog Month

That story above is so sad and disheartening! This is not okay, and not how our “pack” members should be treated. 


Dogs are pack members and need to be with their humans and other dogs. Pet parents understand and know that their dogs just want some attention and to be loved. Their dogs want to come in and share dinner time with the family, snuggle time on the couch, and a warm bed at night. Unfortunately, there are some people that keep their dogs outside, on a chain, in the freezing weather, and with limited interaction. This is why January is Unchain A Dog Month.


A dog who is let outside and put on a chain to run around and do his “business” is different than a dog who spends his life chained in the backyard. You, me, us, we can all make a difference in a dog’s life who spends their lifetime outside


This month, and moving forward, if you see something, say something. If a dog is left outside in the elements all day and night, reach out to your local Humane Society or HSPCA. They will help by either talking to the owners or taking the dog; if this is what needs to be done. Please help us to help unchain our furry friends!


Help a Local Rescue


Many dogs that end up at the Humane Society or rescue are there because their owners have lost, abandoned, or have had them taken away for whatever reason. Check out our blog about Adopting Rescue vs. Puppy Mill Dogs. Let’s work together and make sure that these dogs have a happy, warm, loving home to come home too!

If you live in the area of Los Angeles, CA and are looking to rescue a dog, please take a look at Wags and Walks! We are strong supporters of what they do for dogs that need a new home. Anytime someone purchases one of our supplements and uses the code WagsandWalks at checkout; we will send them a bottle of whatever supplement was ordered. This is our way of giving back!


Salmon Oil for Dogs

Vital Pet Life gives back to community by providing safe and effective products for our fur babies. One popular supplement that we offer is our salmon oil for dogs. The effects of salmon oil have been extensively researched for several years.Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon oil have been shown to be beneficial to dogs, and those omega-3 fatty acids are actually necessary to their health. Salmon oil provides dogs with key nutrients they cannot get from other sources in their diet. Dogs do not produce any omega-3 fatty acids on their own. All of these nutrients must be obtained through diet.

Please help us in support the Unchain A Dog Month! Please share your rescue stories with us on social media and be sure to tag us at @vitalpetlife and use the hashtags: #unchainadogmonth #dogsarefamily #packmember