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Reflecting on 2020, and Looking Forward to 2021

2020 has been...well...deep. It feels like we fell down a deep well of uncertainty and fear and for so many, deep loss. As a small family business, if Kyle and I looked back on this year objectively, it was filled with supply chain issues. Thankfully, we see 2020 from a different perspective. Yes, we were kept on our toes, pivoting and scrambling but more importantly connecting and not taking anyone or anything for granted. Because 2020 was so raw for many, our goal was to lead with kindness and compassion.

We connected with our suppliers, listened to what’s happening in their frenetic world…. all while taking deep breaths of gratitude for all of you. I felt fortunate to deepen my connection with many of you over the year, as I reached out with updates about orders. Thank you for your support, sharing your heartfelt stories and personal experiences. In the midst of this surreal year, these memories fill my heart and give me hope and joy for 2021. What are your lessons, reflections, and hopes for the year ahead?

Resilience, connection and simplicity. With all the descriptions of what the year 2020 has taught people, these are our lessons from 2020. Despite profound challenges, we’re still here and it means so much to Kyle and me. We feel an even closer connection to all our customers in our tight knit Vital Pet Life community. Thank you for letting us take care of your fur babies and help them thrive.

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Connection is what has brought us through this year. Connecting with the simple things helped boost our spirits, which for most of us fur parents, is playing with our fur babies. Tuxedo is our mischievous and beloved baby and he was here to remind us to go on a hike, take him for a walk and sometimes….to just play!

Thank you for continuing to inspire us. Kyle and I extend our deep gratitude to all of you. Happy New Year, and let’s look forward to a peaceful and joyous 2021!


Donie, Kyle & Tuxedo

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