Why Does Sustainability Matter for Your Pet’s Health?

Dog holding a small globe

Pets are family

Pets play an important role in our lives. They’re family. Pets calm us during stressful times, make us laugh with their quirky personalities and provide companionship. We feel the positive therapeutic and cardiovascular effects of touch when loving and rubbing our fur babies. Ensuring their health and wellbeing is our responsibility to our furry family members. We want the best for them. As the global pet population and eco-awareness grows, we see an increase in environmentally conscious consumers wanting healthy, clean pet products from ethical brands, especially now during Covid-19.

What exactly does sustainability mean?

As a conscientious pet wellness company, our responsibility is to design our products sustainably, meaning the making of our products leaves as little trace on the planet as possible. This is why, in order to be a mindful global citizen and pet owner, sustainability does matter for your pet’s health.

Marine Stewardship Council(MSC)

We’re proud that our Salmon Oil is certified 100% sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), ensuring that:

  • Our salmon is carefully handled and separated from non-certified fish with clear labeling in order for it to be traced to a certified sustainable fishery.
  • The facility that bottles our salmon oil is also MSC certified, for a full circle of sustainability.

As a global non-profit, MSC works with scientists, conservation groups, and the seafood industry to establish the world's most recognized standard for seafood sustainability. Always look for the blue MSC label assuring what you’re buying protects our oceans and ecosystems.

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