5 Reasons to Take Part in Walk Your Dog Month

walk your dog month

Have you heard the saying, “A body in motion stays in motion”? This is not only true for us humans, but the same goes for our pups. How often do you walk your dogs? Come join us as we celebrate Walk Your Dog Month by taking him or her out for a daily walk.

We realize that is January, the weather can be brutally cold, and we would much rather stay inside snuggled up on the couch watching Netflix. But let’s be honest… This is not healthy for our dogs or us.

January 1st is right around the corner, and many of us make New Year’s resolutions. About 50% of people that make New Year’s resolutions say they want to exercise more and eat healthier. Why not start the year off right by joining in Walk Your Dog Month. Not only are you helping your fur-baby, but you are also helping yourself and sticking to your New Year’s resolution.

We have outlined the top 5 reasons why you should participate in Walk Your Dog Month.

It Gets You Moving

Family running with dog

 Remember your New Year’s Resolution? Now is your chance to kick off your year on the right foot. There is no better motivation than those big puppy dog eyes staring up at you, just begging you to take them for a walk. We realize that you are tired and lacking energy because of the cold, gloomy weather outside, but you need to remember that your puppy needs to use up some of their built-up energy. Your body and mind will appreciate this, and so will your dog. Not to mention, this will help you both shed a few extra pounds.

Bonding with Your Dog

Dog walking with owner

 We all bond with our dogs when we first bring them home, right? We want to do all that we can to keep them happy and healthy. Well, you need to keep them happy and healthy their whole life. By walking with your dog, you are creating a tighter bond with them. Put your phone away and walk your dog. Now it’s just you and your dog, and they are getting all of your attention. Not to mention, this will also help you to get to know them better. You will learn a little bit more about their personality and the little quirks they have.

Stimulates the Brain

Dog sniffing flowers

 It can be boring for your pup if they have to be inside all day while you are at work. Much like humans, dogs need mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Going for walks outside is different than just letting them run around your backyard. Taking them on walks gives them an array of sights and smells that will stimulate their brains. They cannot get this stimulation while being stuck indoors or in his backyard. Taking your fur-baby on a walk and letting them explore will help fulfill his hunting and exploring instincts, and you both will be satisfied while napping on the couch later.

Less Stressed and Healthier Dog

Happy Berner

Exercise helps people stay less stressed and allows them to sleep better. The same goes for your four-legged friends. Walking your dog daily will help both of your stress levels and may even help with their misbehaviors. Many dogs will “act out” or misbehave because they are bored and need some attention or exercise.

A less-stressed dog also makes for a healthier dog. Just like humans, going for a walk gets the heart pumping and a boost of energy. Walking also helps keep their joints moving and lubricated, burn calories, and builds up their metabolism, just like in humans. Just by taking 30 minutes out of your day to walk your dog, you will lower both of your stress levels and keep your bodies healthy.

Your Dog Will Thank You for it

Dog with owner hiking

Your dog will thank you for the daily walks! They enjoy it, so why wouldn’t you want to do something as simple as taking them for a walk. Your pup usually doesn’t ask for much. They want some love, attention, and some good food. By giving your dog 30 minutes a day for a walk will lead to a pleased and healthy dog.

Salmon Oil for Dogs

Keep your dogs healthy by incorporating daily walks and adding necessary supplements to their diet. Salmon oil for dogs is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for their well-being, and they cannot produce them on their own. The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids include reduced inflammation, improved cognitive function, and heart health support.

Walk Your Dog! Start 2020 On the Right Foot

Get to stepping! Remember, a body in motion stays in motion. We know our beloved fur-babies enjoy spending time with us, allowing them 30 minutes of enjoyment and exercise each day is the least we can do to keep them healthy and at their best. Not only are you helping your fur-baby, but you are also helping yourself by sticking to your 2020 New Year’s resolution.

For the love of the dog, go for a walk!

We hope that you have enjoyed our blog, and we encourage you all to have a happy and healthy 2020. Be sure to share with us some of your walking experiences! When posting them on social media, be sure to tag us: @vitalpetlife. And use the hashtags: #walkyourdogmonth #healthydog #happydog #newyearsresolution #2020resolution

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