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7 Thanksgiving Recipes for Dogs

Thanksgiving is for giving thanks and spending time with family and friends.  Well, we don’t want to forget our fur-family and fur-friends. They love turkey, cranberries, green beans, and sweet potatoes just the like rest of us.

We have collected our top pick of seven safe recipes for you to make and share with your pup while you indulge in your Thanksgiving feast and for several days after.

It’s What’s For Dinner

Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner for Dogs

This easy homemade Thanksgiving dinner recipe (full recipe here) has your dog's favorite ingredients. Many of the meats, fruits, and vegetables that you're serving your human guests on Thanksgiving are safe for your pet too. You can stick the recipe in the link or you can substitute other dog-friendly veggies instead. Just be sure that the ingredients you're adding are safe for your dog to ingest and easy for them to digest.

Roasted Turkey Medallions

White meat turkey, chopped carrots, and oatmeal. Easy as pie! Just combine in these protein-packed balls from GoPetPlan. They’ll bake up quickly so you can free your oven for other dishes. Turkey provides potassium and essential amino acids and is a protein-packed snack.

Golden Turkey and Apple Meatloaf

“Thanksgiving Veggie Smuggle Dog Dinner,” is not just full of meat! This yummy meatloaf recipe from CookingForDogs channel is full of apples, celery, peas, sweet potatoes, and chicken stock. You probably have all of these things on hand for your own food anyway, so it’s easy to prepare for your dog. The best thing is that you can save the leftovers in the freezer for another day. Maybe Christmas?

Leftover Turkey Hound Hash

This Leftover Turkey Hound Hash comes from TravelDogBooks. Combine the delicious flavors of Craisins (make sure the only ingredients are cranberries and sugar), sweet potatoes, and diced white potatoes to make a filling hash you’ll mix with white and dark meat. Since this is one of the more rich Thanksgiving dinner recipes for dogs, you’ll want to serve an appropriately small portion to your dog depending on his size and dietary needs.

Homemade Bone Broth

Jazz up mealtime with a big splash of this hearty and healthy bone broth. You can make this recipe by adding your turkey carcass and veggie ends (no onions or garlic please!) for a free and seasonal flavor boost to their kibble.

For Dessert:

Sweet Potatoe Cookies

Also found at GoPetPlan, give your pups something a little sweet. This Sweet Potatoe Cookie recipe offers your pup a little sweet without all the sugar; a boost of beta-carotene and punch of potassium make these cookies a healthy coda to Thanksgiving dinner.

No-Bake Coco-Nutter Pumpkin Balls

What dog doesn’t love a little peanut butter in their life?  This quick No-Bake recipe is sure to light up your pup’s nose and eyes when they get a whiff of these delicious treats!

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