Thanksgiving for your pet

How to Make Thanksgiving a Safe and Happy Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is a day to give thanks and celebrate with your friends and family! But it can also be a stressful time for pets, who may not understand why people are acting differently around them, why their routines change, and why there are so many people around. This season can be dangerous and stressful for them, so to help your pet enjoy the holiday season as much as you do, we will share some tips with you.

1. Fresh Food and Water

fresh food and water for pets

You’ll want to make sure that they have fresh water and are being fed as usual. During the holidays, we tend to focus on the events around us or around the house that the pets don’t get the attention they want or deserve. Give them a fresh bowl of water, and if they are fed during specific times during the day, try and stick to that routine as much as possible.


2. NO Table Scraps

No table scraps for pets


Make sure they don't have access to any turkey bones or other food scraps that might be lying around either on the counter or the table. Most of what we consume over the holidays can cause digestion issues for your fur babies, and you don’t want to spend the next day at the vet!

If you want to give them a little something special to celebrate this holiday with them too, try giving them some fresh veggies or fruits that are dog friendly. Did you know that certain fruits and veggies are harmful to your fur babies? Check out the list to know what fruits can dogs eat to be healthy. 


3. Quiet Place

Quiet place for pets


Some pets get anxious and stressed out if there is too much commotion going on. It’d be great if you could provide them with a safe, cozy place for your pet to be during the day or to be able to retreat if they’ve had enough activity for a while. If you have a small radio, play some soothing music in that room to help them relax.


4. Escape Artists

prevent escaping of pets


If a cat or dog gets overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, there is a good chance they will try and escape. So, if you're hosting, make sure to keep all doors closed as people come and go from the event so that pets can't run outside.


5. Giving Thanks

Give your pet love and care


Give your pets some extra love and attention. Pets are there to please and love on us, so why not spend a little extra time before the party starts to show them how much you love and appreciate them? You don't want them to feel neglected on Thanksgiving Day, so show them a little extra love. Give them an extra treat, belly rub, or maybe even a new toy!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Vital Pet Life family! We are thankful that you are here on this journey with us, and your fur babies get the benefits of pure, excellent supplements to keep them happy and healthy!