Pets for Veterans

National Pets for Veterans Day on October 21

Veterans are some of the most resilient men and women in this country. They are strong, they are brave, and they have done so much for our society. National Pets for Veterans aims to give back to these selfless heroes by helping them find comfort from pets! We believe in the healing power of pets and want to make sure all vets get this chance at happiness.

National Pets for Veterans helps provide veterans with pets that will help them reduce their anxiety levels, increase their social interactions, and provide unconditional love when needed.

What is National Pets for Veterans Day?

October 21st is National Pets for Veterans Day. Clarissa Black founded it in 2009. National Pets for Veterans Day is an opportunity to spread awareness of the emotional needs of veterans and how pets can help with those needs.

National Pets for Veterans also helps people get connected with adoptable animals through our National Pet Search Program. This program gives homes to needy animals and benefits local shelters by reducing overcrowding rates at animal rescues across America!

Why are pets important to veterans?

Veterans day pets

Pets are essential to veterans because they help with mental health issues. Pets provide companionship and unconditional love when it's needed to their humans. This is especially helpful to people who have been through difficult events such as traumatic experiences, PTSD, or other mental illnesses that often get worse if left untreated.

Animals don’t care about a person's race or creed. No matter what you look like in your uniform, in camo gear, fatigues, in jeans, and a t-shirt, an animal will still happily greet their human friend! Animals also offer many benefits from simply being there when someone needs them most without expecting anything back except perhaps food and water.😉

Pet’s impact may not just be emotional and psychological, but also physiological for veterans returning home. Studies have shown that caring for a pet can promote responsibility and routine. The need to walk the dog will encourage outdoor activities and sun exposure, known to uplift mood. The companionship of a pet can alleviate loneliness, stress, anxiety and reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride.

Trained by a professional animal trainer

The Vet and their pet will go through a rigorous training program. National Pets for Veterans offers all kinds of services to help train your pet and you to make this transition as easy as possible! The best part is that they provide their service free of charge for veterans with disabilities.

Trainers in the Pets for Vets program match animals and veterans depending on their respective temperaments, wants and needs, and expectations of a companion.

When trainers find a match, they bring an animal to live in one of their homes to shepherd the animal through the learning process of both basic obedience training and any specialized training necessary for the intended veteran companion. For example, an animal may need to become comfortable with movement aids or a synthetic limb. The animal may also learn to recognize behaviors related to a panic or anxiety disorder.

How can you participate in National Pets for Veterans Day?

veterans day pets

National Pets for Veterans Day was created to honor the brave men and women who have served in the armed forces by giving them a new furry friend to love! You can help out this cause by donating and volunteering at an animal shelter that helps support Pets for Vets.

Your donations directly impact each Veteran-pet match by providing a Welcome Package filled with all the equipment necessary to start the match’s new life together. With these basic needs already met, the two can immediately begin building on their Super Bond™ to create a lifetime of love, loyalty, and trust.

Pets for Vets is a nonprofit organization, and they rely on a team of dedicated volunteers to help make a difference in the lives of Veterans and rescued animals. No matter your interest, talent, or skill set, they have an opportunity for you – from chapter director to professional dog trainer to foster mom or dad and more! See how you can volunteer by visiting