Autumn Health Tips for Your Pet

Dogs in autumn season

Vibrant colors, crisp air, and the warm smell of harvest spices in the air. Is there anything not to love about the fall/autumn season? Autumn is a great time to get outside with your dog, there’s nothing like a romp in the leaves! While the fall is packed with fun-filled holidays, really good food, and breathtaking scenery, there are some hidden pet health dangers that can come lurking around the corner. As pet parents, it is important to know what these dangers are and learn some health tips for your pet this autumn season. 

Here are some health tips for your pet this autumn season:

Beware of Choking Hazards

The winds usually pick up this time of year and with that comes falling branches. We need to keep a watchful eye on our fur-babies while they are outside. Dogs love to chew on sticks and we want to make sure that they are not ingesting too much.


Falling leaves and harvest colors are beautiful to look at and your pets are sure to love the playtime in the leaves piling up (usually right after you rake them into a neat little pile). While this is usually safe, be aware of sharp sticks, pine needles, and pine cones, which can pose a risk if ingested and may even damage or puncture a dog’s intestinal tract. 



Feed Pets Healthy and Tasty Pumpkin 

Aside from the fact that dogs usually find it delicious, pumpkin is both nutritious and low in calories. In fact, pure canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix) is a good source of fiber and is often recommended as a dietary addition for a dog suffering from constipation. We have found a super simple and yummy pumpkin cookie recipe you can make for your furry friend too! You can find it here. So go ahead, let Fido have his food with a little side of pumpkin goodness.


Dog with fleas and tick

Flea and Tick Season is Not Over Yet!

Fleas begin breeding in the spring and are at peak numbers in the fall. To prevent fleas on your dog or in your house, flea protection is a must. Learn how to spot flea and tick infestation warning signs and know how to treat your pets if they have fleas and ticks. Make sure to also start and keep all of your pets on flea and tick prevention treatments if you haven’t yet (it is never too late).


Walking with dog

Walking As the Days Get Cooler and The Nights Get Longer 

Cooler road temperatures are a major benefit of the new autumn season. The cooler temperatures make the roads more tolerant of your pet’s sensitive paws, so let’s get them out walking. A walking dog is a happy dog, but it is essential to take precautions when the fall season brings shorter days. With the early dusk and later dawn, it is more likely your walks with your pups will be in the dark. Protect your dogs by using reflective gear on yourself and your pets. Local pet stores carry reflective or light up collars and leashes, which help keep both of you safe in the dark.

Great Supplement to Keep Seasonal Allergies and Inflammation at Bay


Just like their human parents, seasonal allergies can kick into high gear for dogs in the fall. Fall allergies are commonly caused by ragweed and mold.  Skin allergies are most common, but you may find the occasional sneezing, loud snoring or snorting, and runny noses or eyes. If you suspect your pets may have allergies, your veterinarian can recommend the best treatment. 

However, skin allergies can also be helped with good skin and coat supplements like our Salmon Oil. The essential fatty acids contained in our salmon fish oil supplement help promote healthy skin by strengthening cell membranes keeping them moist and resistant to damage. Your pet will be much happier playing rather than itching and scratching.

Dog Xray

Our Salmon Oil is the perfect addition to your pet's nutrition. The omega 3 & 6 fatty acids in our salmon oil help your pet's overall health by providing nutrients and vitamins to their body. Salmon oil helps your pet's skin and coat, helps itching, scratching, and allergies, and helps with inflammation.

Just like us humans, our fur-babies may also suffer from inflammation as the weather gets cooler.  Our Alaskan Salmon Oil helps dogs with arthritis by keeping the inflammation down in their joints. 

Remember, each season comes with new enjoyment for pets as well as new health concerns. Knowing how to keep pets healthy with each season will make both pets and pet parents happy and able to enjoy the time of year.

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