New Year 2021

Happy New Year from Vital Pet Life!

Happy New Year from Vital Pet Life! We hope you had a fantastic holiday season and have a prosperous new year with your furry friends. We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for sticking with us throughout the year, and we look forward to continuing to help you and your pet's needs for 2022!

Here are some of the things we're thankful for this holiday season.

  • Our loyal customers who trust us with their furry friend's needs.
  • The people who work so hard to help animals in need across the country
  • The Vital Pet Life Team! We are so thankful to have every one of them as part of our growing team.
cat thank you

Here are some helpful tips for caring for your pets this winter season:

  • Watch out for ice and snow, especially when it’s wet or dark outside.
  • Make sure to walk your pet on the sidewalk, not in the street.
  • Make sure their paws don't get too cold if walking out in the snow.
  • Don't leave them outside too long in the cold.
  • Make sure they are still getting their exercise during these cooler months.
  • Don't feed them "table scraps." These can lead to upset tummies.
  • Give them daily supplements to boost immune system during cold or hot season.

Salmon Oil for Dogs

This supplement is one of the most popular for pets and can have a significant impact on their overall health. Your dog's cognitive function can be improved and kept sharp with salmon oil. In addition, salmon oil for dogs helps maintain normal kidney, liver, and cardiac functions.

Looking forward to 2023

We are so excited for the new year and look forward to serving and helping more pets’ needs! Helping fur-babies with their mobility and itchy skin currently! 2023 we will continue to do so and even more!

Dog in snow

Happy New Year from the Vital Pet Life family, and we’ll see you next year!