How to Keep Your Pet Healthy

How to Keep Your Pet Healthy

Pets are an essential part of our family. They give us unconditional love, they make us smile when we're down, and they keep us company on those cold nights where we can't seem to fall asleep. But sometimes, it's hard for pet parents to do everything needed to ensure their furry friends live as long, healthy lives as possible. As a fur parent you might be wondering how to keep your pet healthy. You only want what's best for our lovable furry pets.

So, how do we maintain their health? What should pet parents be looking out for? National Pet Wellness Month is an excellent time for us to take the time to think about what's good for pets' health and wellness! High-Quality Diet!

First and foremost, a pet's diet is an integral part of their wellness, so you should start there. Are they eating good quality food? Are they getting the right amount of food? What about supplements?

food for dogs and cats

High-quality dog foods will name a healthy source of protein like chicken or fish as the first ingredient, while low-quality dog foods will have animal by-products or grains as the first ingredient. According to, “When you are reading the ingredients list for dog food, you may come across ingredients labeled “chicken meal” or “lamb meal.” At first glance, you may be tempted to think that these ingredients are bad. In reality, high-quality meat meals can be much higher in protein than whole protein sources like chicken and lamb. Meat meal is produced by cooking the meat – this removes much of the moisture content, thereby concentrating the protein. For example, whole chicken contains about 70% water and only 18% protein, whereas chicken meal contains 10% water and 65% protein. High-quality dog foods may contain meat meals from named sources (like chicken, beef, and lamb), while low-quality dog foods will contain meat byproduct meals (like chicken by-product meal or poultry meal) or meat meals from unnamed sources (like animal meal or meat meal).”

Though there’s no exact rule on byproduct how often a dog should eat, twice a day is generally a good place to start. However, more important than feeding frequency is meal portion size. Portion size may vary based on breed, age, activity level, and health condition.

According to, here is a chart to give you a general idea:

calculation of pet food

Supplements will also help you furry friend live a long and healthy life. (You certainly want to check with your veterinarian before giving any kind of supplement.) Our Alaskan Salmon Oil is rich in essential omega fatty acids that will improve your pet's overall nutrition.

It's our job to keep our pets feeling good and healthy, but feeding such a healthy diet can be tough. With Vital Pet Life Alaskan Salmon Oil, that changes. It provides essential omega fatty acids and helps improve the nutrition of your pet without you having to make any major changes in their food plan. Not only will they be healthier and happier (with improved skin and coat), but you'll also be able to give them more cuddles!

Our Salmon Oil for dogs is a supplement that has the perfect balance of omega-3 and Omega-6 fats for pets.

  • Vital Pet Life’s Alaskan Salmon Oil is 100% all natural, with no toxins and made in the U.S.A.
  • Salmon Oil will keep your pet soft and shiny.
  • It also helps with dry, itchy skin.
  • Helps keep their allergies at bay.
  • Omega 3 also helps with inflammation caused by arthritis.

Make sure you have fresh water available at all times!

dog walk

A body in motion stays in motion.” This is preached to us by our doctors, but the same goes for our fur-babies! They need to stay active to help keep them healthy and to live a great life. Be sure to take them for daily walks. I bet they might even like going to the dog park on the weekend.

Exercise helps to keep their joints lubricated, keeps their heart rate up, and burns calories. Regular exercise also keeps their muscles, tendons, and bones strong. Along with providing your pup measurable amounts of mental stimulation.

The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) recommends that cats and dogs alike go to the vet twice a year for wellness exams. This helps them keep track of how your furry friend is doing and can help find issues before they become bigger issues.

Your vet will keep an eye on their aging process, offer recommendations (depending on what they may need as far as their diet goes and possible supplements) and will keep a look-out for potential diseases or illnesses. Early detection of diseases or illnesses will lead to a more successful treatment plan.

Be mindful about their environment. Keep it clean and free of anything dangerous such as poisons or chemicals that could harm them if ingested, come into contact with skin, be inhaled through nose or mouth.

Provide a safe place for them to sleep so that they can get restful sleep without being disturbed by loud noises, children, and other animal's movements or noises.

dog and cat

Give them plenty of love, attention, and care from you! Everyone loves some extra cuddles! Be sure to share kindness with them so they can keep spreading their kindness to others.

Remember, our pets are members of our family and we want to ensure they’re happy, healthy, and living their best lives. We know how important it is for your furry friend to live a long life full of love and happiness. Vital Pet Life is committed to provide the best quality products so that you can provide the best care possible for your pet without sacrificing quality or safety.

Your furry friend deserves the very best in nutrition, which is why we only use sustainably sourced ingredients in our products. Our supplements are made with Salmon Oil harvested from pristine waters off the coast of Alaska where no chemicals or pesticides are used on any animal or plant life. This means that every single bottle contains pure Omega 3 fatty acids that will help keep your dog’s coat shiny, skin moisturized, joints supple, eyes brightened up and overall health improved! And because these fish oils come from wild-caught sources rather than farmed fish raised in polluted water conditions like most other brands out there today; they contain higher levels of DHA (a vital nutrient for brain development) as well as Vitamin E (which helps protect against free radicals). So not only do you get an amazing product but also one that has been proven to be more effective at improving your dog's health than anything else on the market today!

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