Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats

Rich in essential omega fatty acids, our Alaskan salmon oil supplement has a wide variety of benefits for your pets.  Aside from improvement to your pet's overall nutrition, wild Alaskan salmon oil also helps in maintaining healthy skin and coat. You no longer have to worry about dryness or dullness because salmon oil helps keep your pets' coats shiny and smooth, making them even more huggable!

More than that, your pets can also enjoy playtime minus all the itching, scratching, flaking, and allergies because salmon oil helps strengthen cell membranes by keeping them moist and damage-resistant.

Made from wild salmon caught off the coast of Alaska, this all-natural product is certainly the perfect companion to any pet-owner who wants to make their pets happier, healthier, and better. Salmon oil also has anti-inflammatory benefits that can help your furry friends avoid allergies, joint problems, gastritis, or arthritis. Whether you have a dog, cat, or a horse, you are assured that your pet's diet is complete by giving them a regular dose of salmon oil supplement.

The benefits of wild Alaskan salmon oil can do wonders for your pets. You don't have to worry about safety because salmon oil is generally safe for pets as long as you make sure you follow the recommended dosage. The appropriate dose of salmon oil for your dog depends entirely upon your dog’s weight. The heavier your dog is, the greater the dose.

wild alaskan salmon oil for dogs and cats

Our Alaskan salmon oil for dogs and cats is also made using eco-friendly and sustainable practices that guarantee the protection of our oceans and marine life. Wild Alaskan salmon oil also 100% made in the USA, with the best quality and fresh ingredients that your pets deserve.

Available in different sizes and easy-to-use containers, you don't have to go through the hassle of prying open your pet's mouth and getting them to swallow pills anymore!


Can I use salmon oil for my dog?

Yes, definitely! Using wild Alaskan salmon oil is a great way to augment your dog's diet. Salmon oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that help promote a healthy immune system and prevent inflammatory problems and skin allergies. Omega acids are also important components of healthy cell membranes that help strengthen your pet's coat and skin and help aid in the healing of wounds.

Is it also safe for puppies?

Of course. In fact, veterinarians even recommend salmon oil for younger pets. It is one of the best supplements to add to your pet's diet since it has a lot of benefits including better heart health, silky and smoother coat, less flaky skin, allergies, and joint pain. It can even help strengthen their immune system and could help them fight canine cancer.

How do I compute the dosage?

Computing for the dosage of wild Alaskan salmon oil depends on your dog’s weight. Heavier dogs mean a greater dose. Make sure that you research properly or ask your vet for recommendations. It is important that your veterinarian knows that your pet is taking Omega 3 supplements and that you do not give more than the proper amount.

What are the benefits of omega-3?

With regular use, your pets can actually get a lot of benefits from Omega 3 such as improved cognitive functions, healthier immune system, shinier and smoother skin, and coat, better joint health and heart health, and aid in inflammatory problems. It also helps pets avoid skin allergies, itching, scratching, and flaking.