Importance of Quality Time With Your Pet

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We show our loved ones how much we love them on Valentine’s Day by showering them with gifts and maybe a special night out. We think your pet deserves the same on their day.

February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day. We all love our pets and furry friends, but today is their day! Take the day to shower your be-loved pet with a couple of new toys and a little more love! Both you and your pet will be thankful for it.

Here are some ways to make the day special.

Quality vs. Quantity

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Since most of us pet owners work, it can be hard to spend lots of time with our furry friends. So it is essential to spend quality time with them, especially on their day.

There is evidence that supports the claim that your furry friend loves each moment they get to share with you. So why not sit back, cuddle up on the couch (or floor) and watch some movies together? Or, if you want to take a more active approach, take your dog to their favorite outdoor park and let them enjoy some extra time romping around the park. Maybe stop and grab them a special treat on your way home.

Since cats can be less eager, go for a playful belly rub (if they allow you, of course) or use toys to engage them in active play. And many of them won’t mind some extra cuddle time on the couch.

Show Them Extra Praise

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Did you know your dog recognizes and appreciates your appreciation? Studies show that our dog’s brain reward pathways are activated when we use kind, approving words. Shower your canine or feline friend with friendly words and gestures. For example, petting them and showing them love using an amiable, sweet tone.

Try a Healthy Treat

Dog biting vegetables

Your dog or cat might be growing bored of their standard diet, so in honor of their day, why not feed your four-legged friend something special?

Instead of feeding processed treats, see if your dog likes bananas, blueberries, or any of these dog-friendly healthy vegetables. For cats, plain cooked salmon or cooked eggs are probably right up their alley.

Fish oil for dogs consists of omega 3 fatty acids that help support healthy skin and coats in dogs. It also helps improving your dog's overall nutrition. Consult your vet before changing your pet's diet and supplementation. 

Do What They Love

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The list of ways to celebrate your furry friend is unlimited. Our imagination only limits it. Ask yourself: What does my dog or cat love most? This might already give you some ideas for things to do on National Love Your Pet Day.

Remember, we don’t only have to do these things on National Love Your Pet Day. We should do them as often as we can. You will both appreciate it!

Whatever you decide to do, spoil and appreciate your pets! Remember to tag us @VitalPetLife and use the hashtag #LoveYourPetDay when you post on social media.

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