Dog sitting on office chair

6 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog to Work

Are you one of those people who love your dog and want to be with them every day? If so, then Bring Your Dog To Work Day is perfect for you! It's an annual event and is always celebrated on the Friday following Father’s Day. Dog Day started in 1999 when California resident Colleen Paige took her terrier mix Weenie to work and found herself surrounded by excited friends and coworkers. She created a website about it which quickly grew into an international movement with more than 2 million participants in over 50 countries worldwide.

Here are six reasons why you should participate in Bring Your Dog To Work Day:


Reason #1, Relieve Stress:

Pet owner petting dog at office

Dog Days are a great way to relieve stress. Workplaces can be stressful and can sometimes bring out the worst in people on occasion. Studies show that being around dogs at work can reduce cortisol levels, which is one type of hormone your body produces when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. 

Reason #2, Increase Productivity:

Dog days are a great way to increase productivity. Dog owners often report that they have more energy and can work for more extended periods when their furry friend is around. 

Reason #3, Improve Relationships:

Dog and office workers

Dog Days provide an excellent opportunity to help improve relationships in the office. It allows more socialization with coworkers. Pets are a good “common ground” for everyone, enabling them to gather and get along while learning a little more about each other. 

Reason #4, Boost Morale:

Dog Days are a great way to boost morale. Dog owners often report feeling more motivated and energetic when their canine companion is present at work with them. On the other side of that, people who don’t have dogs are reported as saying they find it motivating just being around all the happy four-legged friends! 

Reason #5, Improve Attendance:

Dog sitting on lap of owner at office

Dog Days’ can even help improve attendance. Some pet owners are very concerned about leaving their pups alone at home for long periods. If business owners allow them to bring their dogs to work, they may not worry about them during the day, and possibly cutting back on absences. This also allows dog owners to be more focused and less distracted at work, making them more productive. 

Reason #6, Get Moving:

Dog at a company office

Bringing your dog to work provides an opportunity to get more exercise than you normally would. Studies show that sitting at a desk during the day can be harmful to the body. Bringing your dog to work helps to increase activity because they need to go outside to relieve themselves. This gives the employee time to get out, breath some fresh air, come back with a clear head and possibly more creative ideas.

Did you take your dog to work with you? We’d love to see some pictures of how you and your dog spent the day together! Tag us @vitalpetlife and use the hashtag #takeyourdogtoworkday