Dog afraid of fireworks

Is your dog afraid of fireworks?

Is your dog afraid of fireworks? Does he hide or shake with fear when there’s a pop? Let’s help them change the way your dog relates to the pop 🤗

Here is a free training tip to begin conditioning your dog to not be so afraid of the popping and bang sounds from fireworks.

Beginning now! Whenever you hear a pop, you immediately say: “Yea”!! This should be in a happy celebration tone. Kind of soft but happy. Continue this every time you hear a pop.

Your dog will look at you with trust and see your calm energy. It will hopefully begin to mimic you and be calm also. This may take a while so be patient and stay consistent.

Even if your dog didn’t hear the pop you should still say Yea!! Everyone should say Yea!! No matter where you are. After a while your dog will look for you when they hear a pop, they will follow your lead. Dogs will always follow calm assertive energy. YEA!! 🤩 Be safe out there! Want to know why dogs are afraid of fireworks? Check out here!

By, K9 Street Safety dog training, La Habra, CA
J.R Frederick CTE

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