National Pet Theft Awareness Day Tips

Pet theft awareness

Today is National Pet Theft Awareness Day, and we want to make sure that pet owners are aware of the dangers their pets face. Thousands of pets are stolen every year, and many are never found. That's why it's essential to take steps to keep your pets safe. This blog post will discuss tips for keeping your pets safe from theft.

Pet Theft Awareness Day is February 14th, the same day as Valentine's Day. This is a great day not only to show love to your loved ones but your pets as well by keeping them safe. Unfortunately, pet theft is on the rise. You wouldn't leave a young child outside unattended; you should do the same for your precious pets as well.

In 1988, Chris DeRose and his co-workers at Last Chance For Animals initiated the National Pet Theft Awareness Day to raise awareness of the country's rising number of pet thefts due to animal trafficking.

The secondary aim of DeRose was to educate people to take steps to prevent the theft of their pets and animal trafficking. We will share with you steps to help keep your pets safe.

Statistics on pet theft in the United States

An estimated two million domestic animals are victims of dog theft each year in the U.S. Unfortunately, only about 10% of owners recover their dogs, according to and the American Kennel Club.

Pets are legally viewed nationwide as personal property, so dog thieves generally have little to lose. "Animals and pets are considered property, so with regards to theft, there are no unique laws" for pet abductions, Sgt. Andy Williams with the Phoenix Police Department said.

How to keep your pet safe from thieves

There are some straightforward and inexpensive ways to help keep your pets safe from being stolen.

  • Keep your pets supervised at all times. Don't let them roam the yard without supervision.
  • Leave your pets inside when you can't be with them. If you run into a store or something and leave your pet inside your car or tied up outside the store, it only takes a few seconds for a dog-napper to run off with your furry friend.
  • Spay or neuter your pet. Spayed or neutered pets are less desirable to thieves since they can't be bred.
  • Microchip your pet. A thief could remove your dog's collar in a second, making it tough to identify if they appear at an animal shelter or hospital. Microchipping your pet is quick and straightforward, ensuring the return of you and your pet.

What to do if you think your pet has been stolen

Pets are like family, and unfortunately, even the most vigilant dog owners can become victims of pet theft. If you suspect that your dog has been stolen, act immediately.

  1. Contact your local police and animal control office.
  2. Request that they list your dog in the "stolen article" category on the FBI's National Crime Information Center.
  3. Post fliers with recent photos of your dog.
  4. Speak to people in your neighborhood and ask if they have noticed unusual people or activities.
  5. Share recent pictures of your pet with your local television station, newspaper, and social media! It's essential to get the information out there so other pet parents can be vigilant!

How to help spread awareness about National Pet Theft Awareness Day

Let everyone know the importance of this day. National Pet Theft Awareness Day aims to raise awareness about the problem of pet theft in America. It's important because it is estimated that 2 million pets are stolen each year. Help spread awareness on the issue of pet safety and educate others on how they can save their pets. Tell your friends and family. Please share this post on social media and help us spread awareness about National Pet Theft Awareness Day. Together we can make a difference!

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