National Seafood Month: Vital Pet Life is MSC Certified

MSC Certified Salmon oil for dogs

National Seafood Month here! And why do we celebrate here at Vital Pet Life? Because our Salmon Oil is MSC certified!

MSC certified sustainable means the Alaskan salmon we use for our Salmon Oil is caught sustainably, meaning we’re helping to guarantee healthy oceans and safeguard future seafood supplies. We’re fortunate to work with a bottling company that is also MSC certified for a full circle of sustainability.

National Seafood Month is a great time to give your pets some fish!

Fish is an excellent source of protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins A and D - all essential nutrients for your pet’s health. The best part? All fish (whether fresh or canned) can be fed to your pets as long as they meet these basic guidelines:

  • Don’t feed them any raw fish
  • Make sure it is cooked through
  • Remove bones before feeding
  • Only feed small amounts at once
MSC Certified Salmon oil for dogs

Keep Your Pets Healthy and Happy

There are many different types of fish - salmon, tuna, tilapia - so there’s something for everyone! We suggest buying MSC-certified seafood to help keep our oceans blue! Below we have listed a few recipes for your furry friends!

National Seafood Month is a time to celebrate the rich bounty of our oceans and all of its delicious health benefits, not only for humans but for our pets as well. What are some ways you can share this healthy food with your furry family members? Here are three recipes for National Seafood Month:

1. Salmon and Sweet Potato Dog Treats

2. Fish and Vegetable Chowder for Dogs

3. Fish and Pumpkin Dog Food Recipe

MSC Certified Salmon oil for dogs


With National Seafood Month upon us, it’s time to think about what your pet eats. Whether you’re looking for a healthy meal or something that will give them more energy, fish is the way to go! Fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep pets happy and healthy (and they taste great). There are lots of different types of fish, and there’s something for every pet! You can buy canned or frozen fish at grocery stores or order it online; all you need is a few pieces per day. Share how your pup loved their newest seafood dish with us by using the hashtag #nationalseafoodmonth on social media!

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