Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats: Itching and Scratching

Salmon oil for dogs and cats

Mild cases of itching and scratching in dogs usually have no significant impact on their health, but more severe cases might occur. The number one cause of itching and scratching is pruritus. When a dog feels itchy, the natural response is to scratch, chew, lick, or rub the area. It's a symptom of a wide variety of skin problems, including parasite infections, skin allergies, tick and flea infestations, and more. Many skin disorders are characterized by pruritus.  It can cause red, inflamed areas of skin and lead to an infection called pyoderma. In severe cases, the pet may lose hair, develop scabs, and have raw/bleeding skin. Skin disease causes dogs to suffer from pruritus, one of the most common reasons for veterinarian visits.

Is Your Fur Baby Suffering from Constant Itching and Scratching?

Have you noticed that your dog scratches, itches, licks, and rolls around on the rug often? Just watching all of this activity may make you itchy yourself. Your dog may be itchy for a variety of reasons. Veterinarians strongly recommend finding the cause of the itch as soon as possible. There is nothing wrong with dogs scratching occasionally, but frequent scratching could indicate a severe medical condition.

dog licking

Other than scratching, dogs with itchy skin may show the following signs or symptoms:

  • Licking
  • Inflamed, oozing skin
  • Rubbing
  • Biting
  • An increase in hair loss
  • Stench

When you notice these signs or symptoms,

  • There could be ways to treat your dog’s itchy skin but the most important thing is to know the underlying cause of its itchiness. 
  • Itching and scratching could be common but if your dog starts showing hives, swollen lips, eyes, or is panting excessively, consult your veterinarian immediately.
  • Severe allergic reactions could be treated properly in a clinic by professionals. 

What You Can Do to Relieve Your Pet's Itching

dog itching

You don’t have to wake up to the sound of itching and scratching. Besides following your veterinarian's treatment recommendations, bathing your fur baby can help, particularly if it has atopic dermatitis. 

Also, be mindful of what you feed your pet. Always check the label of the foods you give them and monitor their food reactions to know if allergies occur. In connection with allergies, ensure that their surroundings are clean and free of house nuisances like fleas and ticks because they linger on your pet’s skin and reproduce fast.

Constant itching and scratching could affect the health of your pet. It may disrupt their sleep or make them anxious or depressed. A prolonged itch can lead to skin damage, infection, and scarring if scratched and itched for a long period of time.

Did you know salmon oil can help with constant itching and scratching?

Dogs suffering from skin allergies or itching can benefit from salmon oil. Its fatty acids balance the moisture of the skin and provide barriers that may fight off seasonal allergens like pollen, fleas, and dust.  In addition, it improves overall wellness, especially in the liver and kidneys. Pet owners often give salmon oil to their fur babies at a young age to make sure they age gracefully. Salmon oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which may reduce inflammation throughout the body of a dog. Omega-3 fatty acids support the immune system by supporting joints, skin, and intestines. Salmon oil locks in moisture, allowing your dog's coat to become soft, thick, and shiny.

What Do You Need to Know When Buying Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats?

Vital Pet Life Salmon Oil

Vital Pet Life is committed to providing environmentally friendly products that can benefit families and their pets in the long run. Our Salmon Oil comes from an MSC-certified sustainable fishery ensuring it is wild, traceable, and sustainable.

Is salmon oil good for dogs and cats? Definitely! Salmon oil is perfect for dogs and cats. It may help prevent skin allergies and speed up the healing of wounds. Giving salmon oil to your pets also reduces the risk of skin infections due to scratching and itching. While salmon oil is safe, it is still best to consult your veterinarian on how much you should give your pets daily. It is essential to know the dosage you must give to your pets to gain the benefits of the salmon oil. Check out and try it. Order a bottle now.

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