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Tips for Capturing the Perfect Photo of Your Dog

Every year on July 26th is National Dog Photography Day, and what better way to celebrate than by learning to take the best pictures of your furry friend? Dogs are a joy to photograph, and with some tips and tricks, you can capture their personality perfectly in each image. This blog post will discuss how to get some great photos of your dog, get your dog's attention, and even some tips for capturing their personality. Let's get started!

Fur and Fables

In 2018, Kerry Jordan of Fur and Fables created National Dog Photography Day. She started as a wedding photographer and decided she didn't like the hours it took away from her family. She wanted a little more one-on-one interaction and started doing family photography. This is about the same time Kerry and her family got their first dog. When she took Scout, their whippet, out for walks, she always brought her camera. She was able to take some fantastic pictures of the family dog and decided it should really be a day to celebrate and take some extra time with our fur babies. Now we'll share some tips on creating amazing images of your fur baby.

Location, Location, Location

dog smiling in their happy location

Find a location that will showcase your dog's personality. Personality is an important element of dog photography. It can be tough to capture their essence if the dog isn't familiar with, for example, a studio. Instead, go to a park or your backyard and allow them to unwind. The camera will make them feel more at ease, resulting in superior photographs.

Props to You!

dog with props

Use props to capture your dog's interests. Some dogs can be very stubborn, so you should have props or support available and within reach when getting ready to do a Doggy Photoshoot.

Use Your Angles

Take pictures from different angles. Get down on the ground, stand on a chair, or get down to their level - make sure you get closer to your dog. This will add more dimension and depth to the photo.

Lighting is Key

dog with sun background

Whether you're using natural or artificial light, be mindful of where the light is coming from. Dog photography is about capturing the right moment with the right expression and lighting so as not to wash them out. It's best to use natural light whenever possible.

Patience is a Virtue

Dogs will be dogs, so patience is essential when trying to get that perfect shot. Dogs move quickly; sometimes, it takes a lot of tries to capture that perfect shot you're looking for.

capture that perfect shot of your dog you're looking for

The top tip for those looking to take photos of their beloved dog is location, location, location! If you can find an interesting or pretty spot outside, your photos will come out beautifully. In addition to finding the right location, props can help capture your pup's personality. Be creative! Anything from flowers to hats can make for an amusing photo op. And finally, don't be afraid to try different angles; what works for one photo may not work for another. Natural light is always best when taking photos of dogs. Be sure to post and share your dog photos on social media so friends and family can see them too! If these tips were helpful, please tag us @vitalpetlife so we can see the amazing photos you've taken of your furbaby! #nationaldogphotographyday