Women Owned Wednesday

Celebrating Women Owned Wednesday

Holiday seasons are really exciting, especially when it involves shopping! 🛍️ This December 1st, 2021 is Women-Owned Wednesday (WOW). It takes place on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving and its creation was inspired by holidays such as Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday.

WOW’s mission is to support female entrepreneurs, business owners as well as those who are aspiring to become women business owners. Take a moment to support these women by shopping from women-owned brands. As a women-owned brand, Vital Pet Life is always looking for ways to support other female founders and their brands.

Why does our world needs women entrepreneurs?

  • The world needs women entrepreneurs. Metrics have shown continued progress over the years. In fact, total employment by women-owned businesses rose 8%, while for all businesses the increase was 1.8%. Women entrepreneurs see the world through a different lens and, in turn, do things differently, and data shows better!

  • Women are also financial risk-takers and often prefer to re-invest business profits over equity investment to scale sustainably, according to the Centre for Entrepreneurs and Barclays.

  • Research by the Harvard Business Review shows that women rate higher than men on key leadership capabilities. Women scored higher than men in key skills such as team working, innovation, and problem-solving.

How can we participate in Women-Owned Wednesday?

  • Choose to shop from women-owned brands. Give a shout out to your favorites! Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

  • Show your support by following, sharing, and liking their social media accounts.

Have you ever considered starting your own business?

  • There are a myriad resources to assist you in this journey including community colleges, online articles, books and podcasts, covering all aspects of female entrepreneurship.

  • Enjoy the vast works of female authors, filmmakers and performers.

  • Listen to female mentors, coaches, and leaders share their wisdom.

The 2021 The Women-Owned call to action is “Make One Switch to #BuyWomenOwned”

  • The goal is to take one everyday essential and consciously choose to instead source it from a women-owned brand. Simple yet incredibly powerful.

  • Share your Make One Switch by using the hashtag #BuyWomenOwned on social media.

    Are you ready for Women-Owned Wednesday? We can’t wait!! Enjoy your shopping and cheers to all the women out there!