Donie and Tuxedo Founders of Vital Pet Life

National Women's Business Month

Happy National Women's Business Month to all the women business owners around the world!

It is with great honor we celebrate our owner Donie Yamamoto at Vital Pet Life. Donie has so much heart and passion for what she does and the products she produces for fur-babies all over the nation.

Donie started Vital Pet Life because, like all pet owners, she loves her pets!

Donie believes that our fur-babies should be given the best products and supplements we can offer them to help unlock their happiness, vibrance, and longevity.

Donie Yamamoto's Background

Growing up in the Philippines, Donie had to defy a patriarchal society in order to pursue her dream of being a business owner. Her determination and tenacity drove her to push through the obstacles despite having little to no support.

In her journey as a female entrepreneur, Donie strives to connect with other businesswomen in growing her community of dynamic and like-minded women. She first heard of The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) in 2019 when she was a new Tory Burch Foundation Fellow. The WBENC “believes diversity promotes innovation, opens doors, and creates partnerships that fuel the economy.”

As the nation’s leading certifier of women-owned businesses and a leading advocate for women business owners and entrepreneurs, the WBENC certification requires a company to be at least fifty-one percent (51%) owned and controlled by one or more women who are U.S. citizens, who also control management and daily operations. Donie is thrilled to announce that Vital Pet Life is now a WBENC- certified company.

How Vital Pet Life Began

In 2003, Donie lost her first fur-baby, Paris, to distemper. She was beyond devastated and promised going forward that she would always give her new dogs the proper care, nutrition, and medical support they needed.

Since then, she's made it her personal crusade and passion to start Vital Pet Life, as pet services were costly in the Philippines.

Vital Pet Life's story began when Donie and her husband Kyle could not find a soothing, non-GMO, toxin-free product to relieve their dog Tuxedo's extremely dry skin and coat issues. Donie and Kyle began researching and formulating clean, sustainably sourced, toxin-free solutions, starting with our Salmon Oil, which is now MSC certified. Seeing Tuxedo's dramatic improvement inspired Donie to create Vital Pet Life so they can help other pet owners improve their pet's lives.

After you purchase a VPL product, you're not only a customer; you're part of the VPL community and family. Our 100% Happiness Guarantee ensures that every purchase is a success. We always strive to give you quality products and the best customer service. We are committed to your furry loved ones' health and your satisfaction and stand by our Happiness Guarantee 110%!