Holiday with pets

4 Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season

Happy Holidays from Vital Pet Life! This holiday season, we want to help keep your pet safe and healthy so they can enjoy the festivities. Our family-run business is dedicated to helping your pet stay healthy and happy, including our four-legged family member, Tux!

We will share some helpful tips to keep your furry family members safe this holiday season.

1. Christmas 🎄Tree 🎄and Ornaments

It's an age-old tradition to have a Christmas tree standing in the living room during the holidays, with decorations dangling from its branches. While this can be great for creating a festive atmosphere and bringing cheer to the home, pet owners should be aware of the potential for their furry friends to get injured by ornaments that are within reach. 

Animals may think that ornaments and other decorations are fun toys but can easily become tangled up in stringed lights or swallow small objects like beads and bells. Eating tinsel or drinking from tree water could result in an upset stomach or worse.

Pet owners should also choose decorations carefully.

  • Opt for artificial trees instead of real ones since live trees can drop sharp needles, which animals might ingest
  • Pick plastic ornaments instead of glass, so they don't break as easily
  • Avoid shiny garland that might look attractive but can present a choking hazard 

2. Beware of Toxic 🎍Plants🎍

Beautiful but Dangerous

Pet owners should be especially aware of the potential danger they pose to their furry friends. Ingesting certain plants can cause various symptoms, including vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, difficulty breathing, and weakness. Some of the more common toxic plants include Poinsettias (which are very popular this time of year), lilies, azaleas, daffodils, oleander, yew, and foxglove. Even if no symptoms appear immediately after ingestion, it is always best to check with a vet for advice, as some plants may have delayed reactions.

If you believe that your pet has ingested a poisonous plant, call your veterinarian right away!

3. Never Leave🕯️ Candles🕯️Unattended Around Pets

Cute but hazardous

It is always important to remember that open flames, such as candles, can pose a threat of danger to not only your pet but also your home when left unattended. Candles may burn for long periods if not properly extinguished. Even the smallest sparks from an open flame could potentially ignite combustibles or spread rapidly around living areas, turning into a house fire.

Animals can be curious and get too close or knock over lit candles which could lead to them getting burned or injured. To ensure your pet's and home's safety, never leave candles unattended while burning. Make sure to use sturdy candleholders that won't tip over easily and secure any furniture that may be near an open flame. Always blow out all the flames before leaving your home or going to bed for the night.

4. Plenty of Water, Food, and Enrichment

Food and Water

If you are planning on being away from home for an extended period of time to celebrate the holidays, it is important to ensure that your pets have enough food and water while you're away.

If leaving them with a pet sitter or asking a family member to feed them while you're gone, make sure they know how often and where to refill the pet's water bowl if necessary. Consider investing in an automatic water fountain so they will always have access to clean and fresh drinking water when needed.

Holiday season can be an overwhelming event for our pets. Make sure that they are in top shape by giving them enough supplements and balanced diet. Salmon oil for dogs and cats contains healthy fats that are beneficial to your pet's brain and body.

Finally, remember that pets need more than just food and water; they also require mental stimulation and regular exercise. Make sure any pet sitters know exactly where all toys are stored and which activities are most enjoyed by your beloved animal companion. Consider setting up some fun puzzles or games around the house for them to enjoy while you're away too!

Happy Holidays from Vital Pet Life! This season, we want to thank all of our customers for their support and loyalty. We appreciate your trust in us as a provider of quality products that help keep your pets healthy and happy. Our mission is to provide you with top-of-the-line pet supplements that are both safe and effective, so they can live the most fulfilling life possible.

Happy Holidays!

🎄🐾We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season filled with joy and cheer. So from all of us here at Vital Pet Life, Happy Holidays!🎄🐾