Change a Pet’s Life Day

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Did you know that 6.3 million animals enter animal shelters every year in the United States alone? And approximately 1 million of those animals are euthanized?

Those are some staggering numbers and why Change A Pet's Life Day exists. We want to help reduce these numbers by advocating for adopting homeless pets.

On January 24th, we encourage everyone with a heart for animals to open their homes (and their hearts) to a pet in need. Even if you can't adopt, there are plenty of other ways to help too! This blog will share with you the many ways we can help support these animals in shelters.

Please join us in making a difference for homeless pets this January 24th. Let's Change A Pets Life!

Change a pet's life

5 Ways to Help Shelters and Rescue Animals

Many people out there love animals, but they can’t adopt. There are other ways to help animals that end up in a shelter.

Sponsor a Pet

If your house or lifestyle isn’t conducive to caring for pets, you can sponsor a dog, cat, or other animals at your local shelter. A small sponsorship donation can cover the costs of everyday necessities or the adoption fees for another pet lover.

Volunteer Your Time

Becoming a volunteer at a local shelter can be rewarding and helps prepare pets for adoption. Volunteers can walk or play with dogs and provide love and attention to help with socialization. This helps shelter pets become more adoptable.

Make a Donation

It costs a lot to provide these animals with food, medical care, microchips, and other needs while keeping the lights on at a shelter. Most animal shelters are nonprofits and rely heavily on donations from people like you who care about animals. Your contribution is always appreciated, and it goes a long way in making sure all the animals have the resources they need.

Foster a Pet

If you are not sure if you are quite ready to adopt an animal from the shelter, start fostering a pet. You get them out of the shelter by fostering the animal, bring them into your home, and see how they react to other people, kids, and animals. By fostering a pet, you are also helping the shelter open up more room and having enough resources for the other pets in need.

Adopt a Pet

Bringing home a pet won’t just change their life; it could change yours. Pets aren’t just an affectionate addition to a home; they can bring about tangible health benefits. In addition to alleviating stress, animal companionship can help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. You might say that pets are good for the heart in a literal and metaphorical sense.

There are many ways to help homeless pets find their new home, whether that means donating time or money. You can also volunteer your skills and expertise by becoming a foster parent for animals in need of temporary care before being adopted into permanent homes. Be sure to visit your local animal shelter and see if and how you can help! Take some pictures and share them on social media to help everyone become aware of Change A Pet’s Life! Tag us @vitalpetlife #changeapetslife

Adopt a dog

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