Cat on a pirate costume

Feline Friends ‘Argh’ Day

Ever heard of National Meow Like a Pirate Day? It’s celebrated every September 19th and honors our cats by remembering the roles they played in history. Cats were a sign of good luck for pirates and therefore were often found aboard their pirate ships. Many believed at the time that having cats on board would ward off evil spirits of the pirates lost at sea. In addition, although they’re not water lovers, they helped with any rat problems.

Meow like a pirate! Get preppin’ and poppin’ with these fun ideas to celebrate this day! 😻


Adopt, don’t shop

If you’re looking for the biggest treasure on this holiday- adopt or rescue a cat. By doing so, you are raising awareness of our overpopulated shelters and supporting our feline community. Once home, you can keep their fur soft and support their overall health by giving them a treat with our Salmon Oil for cats.

All you need is cat

Disguise as pirates

Feel the vibe with playing dress up with your four-legged friends as pirates for the day. ARGH! Get creative! Pair up with hooks and eyepatches plus tune in to one of your favorite Pirate or Jack Sparrow movie. Don’t forget to take a photo!!

Cats with lots of costumes

Pirate Party

Celebrate with pirate lingo but in cat sound! It’s not everyday you have this unique theme. Throw in some delectable dishes with fun-filled activities for your fur baby and other feline friends.

Cat's Pirate Party

What activity are you thinking of on National Meow Like a Pirate Day? We would love to see some pictures! Make sure you tag us @VitalPetLife and use the hashtags #nationalmeowlikeapirateday #catlover #talklikeapirate