Happy National Puppy Day from Vital Pet Life!

Happy National Puppy Day from Vital Pet Life!

Puppies!!! Who doesn’t love the little fluffy, cuddly balls of joy??

National Puppy Day is celebrated every year on March 23rd. This is the day to celebrate their unconditional love and affection they bring us, humans, daily! It doesn’t matter if we are happy, sad, upset, or just “there,” puppies are always there to show you affection to make you feel better, content, and loved!

National Puppy Day is also a day to raise awareness about orphaned puppies, along with puppy mill puppies.

Orphaned Puppies

Orphaned puppy

Every year, kids around the world ask for a puppy for Christmas. I know I did! But now that the puppy has been around for three months are they still what the kids wanted? Do they take them for walks, feed them, bathe them? Or are the parents doing it?

About this time, every year, people realize that puppies need lots of love, attention, and training. If they aren’t getting these things, there is a good chance that they are causing more havoc than good. That being said, now the shelters are starting to get overwhelmed because what was supposed to be their fur-ever home can no longer handle the puppy and their needs.

Puppy Mill

Puppy Mill

Aren’t they just the cutest?! But did you know there is an excellent chance that these cuties came from a puppy mill.

A puppy mill, also known as a puppy farm, is a commercial dog breeding facility characterized by quick breeding and poor conditions. Although no standardized legal definition for "puppy mill" exists, an explanation was established in Avenson v. Zegart in 1984 as "a dog breeding operation in which the dogs’ health is disregarded to maintain a low overhead and maximize profits.” The Veterinary Medical Association of the Humane Society of the United States defines the main characteristics of a puppy mill as "emphasis on quantity over quality, indiscriminate breeding, continuous confinement, lack of human contact and environmental enrichment, poor husbandry, and minimal to no veterinary care."

Two million puppies are bred each year in mills, and almost 1.2 million dogs are euthanized in shelters every year. The conditions in puppy mills are considered inhumane because all of the dogs are in a small, dirty area that is confined with disease and bacteria. Because of the poor living conditions, dogs are often sick and malnourished. Food is usually found with crawling bugs on it, and feces is almost everywhere.

Salmon Oil for Dogs and Puppies

Salmon oil is often considered beneficial for puppies due to its high omega-3 fatty acid content. It promotes healthy development: Omega-3 fatty acids, specifically eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), are essential for the development of a puppy's brain, nervous system, and eyes. These fatty acids play a crucial role in cognitive function and visual acuity.

Salmon oil is also known to improve the condition of a puppy's coat and skin. The omega-3 fatty acids help maintain a glossy and shiny coat while reducing issues like dryness, itchiness, and flakiness.

When incorporating salmon oil into a puppy's diet, it's important to follow the recommended dosage provided by your veterinarian. Additionally, it's essential to choose a high-quality salmon oil supplement specifically designed for pets to ensure it is free from contaminants and properly formulated for their needs.


Dog inside the cage

If you are thinking about getting a puppy, please reconsider going to the pet store to purchase a puppy. Thousands of great puppies and dogs are found in local shelters or rescues that can help fill your hearts and are looking for their fur-ever home!

Save a life (maybe 2) and…

Adopt on National Puppy Day

Happy National Puppy Day

from Vital Pet Life!

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