National Dog Mom Day

National Dog Mom Day: The Perks of Being a Dog Mom

National Dog Mom Day is May 14th this year. A day to celebrate all of the fantastic dog moms out there! Dogs provide us with so much love and support, and they truly make our lives better. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the many perks of being a dog mom and how dogs support human mothers.

Just to List a Few...

Over the years, dogs have lost their wild nature and have become human’s best and most loyal friends. They have wormed their way into our hearts, creating deep bonds with us and becoming our family members. Below are a small handful of perks that dogs provide their human moms.

Mom and Her Dog
  1. Dogs provide unconditional love and support.
  2. Improves our health - Dogs help reduce stress levels and anxiety.
  3. Dogs can help increase socialization opportunities. As a dog mom, you get to meet other dog-loving people when you go out for a walk in your neighborhood or at your local park. Having a dog also makes people more likely to approach and strike up a conversation with you.
  4. Dogs can provide a sense of purpose. They give us a reason to head straight home after work. They need to eat, drink and go for their evening walk.
  5. Dogs are great exercise partners! They love to get outside and go for walks. There are always new sites and smells. And this helps to keep us moms moving too!
  6. Dogs make great companions! They make great cuddle buddies, especially after a rough day at work. When you sit on the floor, your pup will come love on you! They can sense your stress and overwhelm and will help to alleviate the pain.

Ways to Celebrate National Dog Mom Day

Go For a Drive

Go For a Drive

Take a drive. Get out and see a sunrise or sunset. You and your pup will love the views and quality time together.

Go For a Walk

Go for a walk

Take a walk outside with your pup after a hectic day at work. Walks help you calm your nerves and refresh your energy. It can also serve as exercise, depending on the distance and duration of the walk. Going for a walk is good for both you and your dog.

Adopt a dog from your local shelter

Adopt a dog from your local shelter

Not a dog mom yet? Want to know what all the hype is about? If you have always wanted to adopt a dog, you can use this National Dog Mom’s Day to get around to it. Head down to your local shelter and give a home to one of those cute furry beings or two. You'll be glad you did!

Treat yourself and, of course, your dog.

Treat yourself and, of course, your dog.

National Dog Mom’s Day celebrates the motherhood of your pet, so you can’t leave your fur baby out of it. Check out Google for the nearest pet-friendly restaurants near you, and treat yourself and your dog to some delicious meals. You can also go shopping and buy something to make your life as a dog mom easier.

Are You a Dog Mom? 

If you’re a dog mom or even just an animal lover, May 14th is probably an important day for you. It’s National Dog Mom’s Day, after all! This year, take the time to celebrate your furry friend by doing something special for her. Maybe buy her a new toy or take her on an extra-long walk. But whatever you do, make sure it involves plenty of love and affection. After all, that’s what dogs give us unconditionally – and mothers need as much love and support as they can get. So happy National Dog Mom’s Day from all of us here at!

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