National Dog Walker Appreciation Day

Dog Walker Day

On September 8, we celebrate National Dog Walker Appreciation Day! This day recognizes the hard work and dedication of dog walkers all over the country. Dog walking can be a challenging but rewarding job, and these professionals deserve our gratitude.

Dog Walker

National Dog Walker Appreciation Day

Every year on September 8, we celebrate National Dog Walker Appreciation Day. This day was started by Wag! to show our appreciation for the hardworking dog walkers out there. They are always available to let our dogs out and make our lives simpler, regardless of the hour or weather. They work hard to ensure that our pets are safe, clean, and content. So why not take a day to appreciate their commitment and compassion for our canine companions? After all, they also deserve some gratitude for all they do.

Wag! invented on-demand dog walking in 2015 and has expanded services to include boarding, sitting, drop-ins, and daycare. Wag! is a mobile app that gives pet parents more flexibility to manage everyday life.


There are no specific qualifications needed to be a dog walker. However, you'll want to ensure they have some experience in animal aid, animal care, and animal behavior. If something happens while on a walk, the dog walker must ensure they can handle it.

Passion for Pets

Dog Walker Traits:

  • Passion for Pets
  • Energy for the excited pets and long walks
  • Perceptiveness to monitor their fur buddy's walking mood
  • An eye for safety
  • Calm demeanor during misbehavior

Benefits of a Dog Walker

Dog walking is a great way to get your dog some exercise and fresh air. If they are home alone all day while you're at work, the dog walker will come to your house, and let them enjoy some fresh air instead of being cooped up in the house all day.

Making the Walk Enjoyable for Both Dog and Walker

Enjoyable Walk

Here are some tips for ensuring that your dog walk goes smoothly every time with your dog walker:

  • Ensure the dog is properly leash-trained so they aren't pulling the walker.
  • When asked, the dog knows how to heel and sit so the walk can go smoothly.
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks for both you and your pup to keep the motivation and stay active.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Be prepared to avoid obstacles, other dogs, or anything else that could potentially cause a problem.
  • Pick up after your dog if they happen to go to the bathroom during the walk.


Most importantly, the dog walker is patient and understanding. Not every walk will go perfectly, but that's okay! The more the dog goes out and learns that the walk is good for them, mentally and physically, the more they will enjoy it and look forward to walks more often.

Have fun!

Have fun on your walks

Have fun with it! Dogs love when they get to go for daily walks. Hopefully, the dog walker is able to take some time to play with the dog too! Some dogs like to play fetch, so tossing a ball around a bit is a great idea. If they can't play fetch, maybe adding a quick jog to the walk will keep the dog excited. The dog walker will change things up a bit to ensure the dogs don't get bored.

Salmon Oil for Dogs

It is very rewarding for a dog to go on a walk. Exercise and a balanced diet are important to make sure your dog is healthy and strong. They will also be able to maintain a healthy quality of life through the years by adding supplements to their diet. Dogs can benefit from salmon oil because it contains Omega-3s, which are a source of energy and keep your heart, lungs, blood vessels, and immune system functioning properly.

Dogs need exercise, and what's better than getting some fresh air and taking a nice walk? That's where dog walkers come in. They provide a much-needed service for both pet parents and their furry friends. And on National Dog Walker Appreciation Day, we want to take a moment to say thanks to all the fantastic dog walkers out there who make our lives (and those of our dogs) so much better. Do you walk your dog daily? Do you have a dog walker? We'd love to hear about it!

We think it's important to mention the benefits of having someone else take your pup for a walk – especially if you work long hours or just don't have time to do it yourself. So go ahead and give your local dogwalker an extra pat on the back today!

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