Dog cuddling with cat

Celebrate Walk Your Dog Day

National Walk Your Dog Day and National Dog Biscuit Day!

Let’s be real here! What better way to love your dog than taking them for a walk and giving them a dog biscuit when you return?

dog cuddling with cat

National Love Your Pet Day

February 20th is Love Your Pet Day, and it’s a great day to show some extra love for our little furry friends. Whether you’re a cat or a dog lover, or birds, reptiles, fish, or rats are your thing; today’s the day to spoil them even more than you usually do to show them how much they mean to you and your family.

If you love animals but don’t have any of your own, you could still get involved by calling by your local pet rescue or humane society. Take some time to visit them! Maybe ask to pet them, take them for a walk, or read them a book even! And you can also donate food or treats. 

Owner Walking with dogs

National Walking the Dog Day

Febuary 22nd! Did you know that just one 20 minute walk per day can help a hyper dog “just chill out?” Walk your dog every day, not only for their physical health but their mental health as well. They get bored, just like we do. And when you take them out on a walk once a day, even if you are walking the same route every time, they are sure to find new likes and smells along the way. 

4 Reasons To Start Walking Your Dog on Walk Your Dog For National Walk Your Dog Day

  • Keep you and your pet healthy. Even if it is only short walks daily, you are helping to engage your metabolism and burning a few calories. Both you and your dog can benefit from this.
  • Bonding. Walking with your furry friend is an excellent way for the two of you to bond with each other. They get to learn who the “pack leader” is, and you get to learn more about them and their personality.
  • Social Interaction. Both dogs and people are social beings that need to get out and stretch their legs, so to speak. Many dogs can benefit from spending time with other dogs, and with an occasional trip to a designated dog park, this can be a great way to help them socialize with others. Plus, it’s an excellent way for you to meet new people too!
  • It helps to relieve stress. Walking a pet has been shown to reduce both yours and Fido’s blood pressure and help to boost the immune systems. Pets also benefit mentally and physiologically. Remember is you are stressed or upset, your furry friend can feel it too.

So grab your walking shoes, a leash, and some treats for the road, and take your favorite furry friends for a stroll to celebrate National Walking the Dog Day!

Dog Biscuit day

National Dog Biscuit Day

February 23! Who doesn’t love a dog-gone good biscuit? Not sure about your furry friends, but mine absolutely love a dog-gone good cookie. Not sure where this national day originated from, but all canine’s love to celebrate this day!

Not only are dog biscuits treats, but they can also have many benefits. Some dog biscuits help to clean your canine’s teeth and help freshen their breath. Others may have a specific supplement in them, like glucosamine, to help them with their joints. Get your fur-baby a dog biscuit to celebrate this awesome day.

What a great way to bring all fo these National Dog/Pet days together! Go for a walk, give them extra love, and explore the many sounds and smells, come home and enjoy a nummy dog biscuit. You may want to take a little extra time and make some homemade biscuits! Below are a few recipes that we found.

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Thank you for reading our blog! We want to hear all about how you celebrated these holidays over the weekend! We would love it if you shared some of your stories with us! Did you give your pet some extra love on the 20th? Plan on going for a walk on the 22nd? What was your furry friend’s favorite dog biscuit that you made for them? Care to share the recipe with us? @vitapetlife #nationalloveyourpetday #nationalwalkyourdogday #nationaldogbiscuitday