Protect the Oceans: Choose Sustainable Seafoods

Dog with fish in the mouth

National Seafood Month

We’re celebrating National Seafood Month here at Vital Pet Life by reminding our friends, family and all our readers that we have the power to rebuild the ocean for future generations. It’s simple, it’s easy. A few simple actions that are good for you and the ocean.

Sustainability is one of our core tenets when we create wellness products for your pet. Our goal is to tread lightly on our planet while being a mindful global citizen. During National Seafood Month, we’re shining a spotlight on the win-win benefits of identifying and choosing ocean-friendly, sustainable seafood for your pets and families.

MSC Certified

Look for sustainable seafood in grocery stores!

Check out the Marine Stewardship Council’s newly released Blue Fish Guide, a new digital guidebook including visuals showing where consumers can look for sustainable seafood in grocery stores, an introduction to seafood certifications and ratings, information about different fish species, and ways to cook fish. So easy! You’re already doing your part to save the ocean.

As the first global seafood certification program to be recognized for rigor and credibility by the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative, and by the United Nations as an important tool for saving our oceans, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is leading the movement to stop overfishing, supporting fishermen and rebuilding the ocean.

Their MSC Blue Fish Label is only applied to wild fish from fisheries that have been certified to the MSC Fisheries Standard, a science-based set of requirements that also guarantees fishing companies do not cause serious harm to other life in the sea, from coral to dolphins.

Salmon Oil For Dogs

And don’t forget how much your dog benefits from seafood too! You probably all remember our Salmon Oil is MSC certified 100% sustainable!

So go out and celebrate National Seafood Month!

Check your MSC Guidebook, enjoy your favorite seafood dishes and use #NationalSeafoodMonth to post on social media. Let’s celebrate working together to protect our ocean.

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