Taking your dog on a holiday vacation

Taking Your Dog on a Holiday Vacation

The holiday season is coming up and there could be a long break ahead of you. It is the best time to take you and your loving fur baby on a trip or just somewhere fun. It is important to unwind and build that strong bond with your fur baby. 

The trip will be even more enjoyable if you bring your pet friend along. Dogs may indeed be great companions on trips, especially those that include fun challenges and adventures.

Planning Your Vacation with Your Pet

Planning Your Vacation with Your Pet

As a first step, make sure you give much thought to your travel plans before bringing your pet along. When planning a trip, it is important to know what to pack and what to keep in mind.

You need to choose between taking a road trip in a car, a boat, or a plane. Depending on how far you are traveling or what kind of transportation you will be using, there are several considerations to make.

Going on a Road Trip

Going on a Road Trip

Before going for a long trip with your dog, make sure to condition them beforehand to avoid carsickness. Start your dog off on short car rides by letting them get used to riding with you in the car while you sit in the driveway.

For longer trips, it is better if you do not feed your dog yet before leaving so the drive will not upset their stomach. Make sure to keep them hydrated all the time so remember to bring lots of water for them. 

You might want to consider getting a dog seat belt or dog car seat to ensure your dog's safety. Do not let your dog stick their head outside of the window because it might cause damage to its eyes especially when you are driving a bit fast. 

Long rides can be tiring and boring for your dog which is why it is important to be attentive to their mood and take frequent breaks to stretch or go for a potty.

Going on an Air Trip

Going on an Air Trip

Most airlines require a lot of documents and certifications before letting your dog tag along with your travel. Make sure to visit your veterinarian two weeks before your travel to ensure that their health is in good condition to travel and to get the right vaccines. 

It is better to ask your veterinarian if your dog needs to be tranquilized for the trip. Also, be mindful of the weather of the place you are going to know if it will be hard for your dog to adjust to its climate. 

Things You Must Bring For A Pet-Friendly Travel 

Things You Must Bring For A Pet-Friendly Travel
1. Leash and Collar 
Leash and Collar

Make sure to have a sturdy and comfortable leash for your dog because you will surely have a lot of walking to do. Collars with a tag of your dog’s name are also necessary for their identification.

2. Food and Water
Food and Water

Make sure that you bring enough food for your dog, especially enough water. Your dog needs a lot of water when traveling since it is better to let them travel with an empty stomach to keep them from being nauseous. Keep them hydrated all the time. 

Taking supplements daily will help your dogs stay healthy and active during the holiday vacation. Fish oil for dogs support their hearts, joints, coats, skin, and immune systems.
3. Toys


Keep them entertained by bringing their favorite toy with them. Their toys can give them comfort and the feeling of being familiar with something because they will be away from home. Toys can also keep them entertained when you will have some waiting time before boarding or during your driving breaks. 

Take note that a relaxed owner is more likely to have a relaxed pet on a trip. Similar to how humans can feel anxious when around someone who is stressed, our pets can pick up on our emotions and display similar behaviors. Being ready can surely lead to a stress-free and enjoyable travel vacation. You might not have a lot of time to do trips so make the most out of your vacation with your fur baby.