Things to buy for a new dog owner

Things to buy for a new dog owner

Pets give us happiness and delight! So you might experience mixed emotions on getting a new dog or puppy. You might be worried about how your new fur baby will fit in your family and if you are capable of taking care of them. Worry no more! Preparation is the key to ensuring that you and your new member of the household will be comfortable with your new setup.

1. A suitable sized dog collar

Dog collar

You need a dog collar for walking/training your dog. When buying a dog collar, make sure that it is the right size for your dog. Your dog might wiggle out and escape if the collar is too loose and if the collar is too tight. Your dog might be in pain. You may also choose a dog collar that has a feature of a quick-release clasp for safety and a sturdy D-ring to attach the leash.


2. A comfortable dog bed

Calming dog bed

Just like us humans, sleep is vital on dogs too. Getting enough sleep helps their brain development which is important in learning capacity and memory retention. Lack of sleep can affect your dog’s immune system and prone to infections.

Comfort is a must when choosing a cuddler for your dog. A calming dog bed is a must-have for your dog! The bed should be soft and have enough support to help anxious dogs feel warm, safe, and secure.


3. A snuffle mat

Sunffle mat

If you’ve not heard of snuffle mats, it is a type of dog puzzle toy that is designed to hide dry food and enables your dog to use their hunting skills to locate it. Their nose is one of the essential organs of their body. Dogs use smell to perceive the world. Sniffing is one of the reasons why dogs love to walk. Having a snuffle mat will reward their curious nose with a tasty treat.


4. A dog food storage

Dog food storage

It is important to buy a high-quality airtight seal container for your dog foods to keep pests and other elements out. It will also prevent the stored dog food from going bad.


5. A pet crate

Pet crate

Whether you will use it for traveling for your dog or you just need to train your dog for controlling bladder and bowel and not destroying anything at your home, buying a crate is a good option. Crates also create safe havens for your dog especially if you have children or other pets at home.


6. A sturdy leash

Sturdy leash

Leash walking your dog can offer many health benefits such as mobility not only for your dog but including you. Some of the benefits include improved lower blood pressure, stronger muscles, and cardiovascular fitness.

A regular walk is vital for a dog’s health too. Walking prevents obesity in your dog. Obesity in pets can cause osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease and, liver disease.

Keeping your dog on a leash when you’re in public places is a must. It keeps you more in control, and your dog will feel secure and confident knowing you’re right there.


7. A set of elevated dog bowls

Elevated dog bowls

Your new fur baby would need a bowl food and water. An elevated dog bowl is suitable for big dogs or pooches that are getting older so they do not have to lean down so far when eating. Some of the benefits include correcting posture, reducing strain, lessening mess.

You may also choose affordable dog bowls that are washable and sturdy.


8. A natural dog shampoo

Oatmeal Aloe Shampoo Vital Pet Life

Keeping your dog clean helps your pet maintain proper Ph balance and protects them against bacteria and infections. Your dog’s shampoo should not contain harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, or isothiazolinones. Choose a natural dog shampoo that will help soften and moisturize their coats.


9. Exciting dog toys

Dog toys

Dog toys are important to their well-being. It helps fight boredom which results in excessive barking and anxiety. Exciting dog toys can help your dog to learn, develop new skills, and avoid problem behaviors.

There are also some toys that you can enjoy with your dog such as a frisbee game.


10. Poop waste bags

Poop bags are a necessity especially if you don’t have a yard. Dog’s waste contains harmful bacteria and can cause sickness to people especially in children. It is important to immediately dispose of their waste properly to avoid transmission.

Biodegradable poop bags can help the environment as well so you may want to consider this when buying.


These tips will be a great help on your journey to being a fur parent. Follow your heart and you will surely not regret getting a new household member!