Responsible pet ownership month

Tips to Celebrate Responsible Pet Ownership Month

February is Responsible Pet Owners Month. Now is the time to reflect on the important role that you, as pet owners, play in the lives of your animals. It is also a time to focus on ways to keep our pets safe and healthy. This blog post will discuss some tips for responsible pet ownership.

Humans have had pets in their homes for nearly 10,000 years. Since then, they've had needs just like us: shelter, food, water, health, and love. As responsible pet owners, we need to make sure we continue giving them everything they need to stay warm, healthy, and to feel loved.

Unfortunately, many pets are neglected and abused worldwide, so this month, let's pay more attention to the furry or feathered friends in our lives, homes, and communities. If you're not a pet owner, no worries, there are plenty of pets to visit at your local shelter, where you can volunteer!

New to Being a Pet Parent?

You need to consider several things when deciding if bringing a pet into your home is the best idea for you and them.

  • Becoming a pet owner means life-long care for them. You need to make sure you are committed to the relationship for their entire life.
  • Owning a pet requires an investment of not only money but also time.
  • Select a pet that best suits you, your home, and your lifestyle.

Simple Things You Can Do

Responsible Pet Ownership Month

This February, let's take a closer look at how you meet your furry or feathered friend's needs to give them the life they desire.

    • Do you know what you are feeding them?
      what are they eatingCheck the ingredients. Meat is the preferred first ingredient for any dog or cat food. You don't want a grain or low-quality filler. For instance, wheat and corn should not be the first ingredient. These are generally not as nutritious as meat and contain far too many carbohydrates for your furry friend

                    Giving your pets supplements can ensure that they have enough                          protection against diseases. Salmon oil is rich in omega-3 fatty                            acids that supports heart health, promotes a silky coat and have                          anti-inflammatory properties. Consider giving it to your pets daily. 

    • Are they getting enough exercise? All pets need regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy. If you notice they’re starting to gain weight, being withdrawn, destructive, or lethargic, they may not be getting enough exercise. Try taking them out for an extra walk or a romp around the dog park more often.

    • What happens if they escape the house or yard?
      You want to make sure that they are on a leash whenever you leave the house, but if they happen to escape, are they microchipped? Getting your pet microchipped will help the rescuers find you, your home, where your furry friend belongs.

    • When did your pet have a check-up with the veterinarian?
      vet visit
      It's just as important to their health as it is ours to go to the doctor at least once a year to keep up with their vaccinations along with an overall check of their bodies. By visiting the vet, if they find something, the sooner it's found, the sooner they can help fix it.
    • When is the last time you brushed your pet?
      It is very important that you stay on top of the grooming of your pet! That includes brushing, teeth cleaning, baths, and trimming their nails.


Responsible pet ownership means not only making sure your pet is fed and uses the bathroom but also giving them the love and attention they require.

Owning a pet is a big responsibility, but it’s also one of the most rewarding things you can experience. Pets are a joy to have in our lives, and as responsible pet owners, we need to make sure that we are doing everything possible to keep them happy and healthy. By taking into account all of the things that go into being a responsible pet owner, you make sure that both you and your furry friend are as happy as possible. It isn't always easy, but it is worth it! How are you celebrating responsible pet ownership month? We’d love to know!

Responsible Pet Ownership