Vital Pet Life and Bioriginal

Vital Pet Life Announces Partnership with Bioriginal Food & Science

Bringing together a shared mission of transparency in the pet wellness industry

Vital Pet Life today announced a partnership with Bioriginal Food & Science Corp. This partnership guarantees supply chain integrity for Vital Pet Life while providing a sustainable choice of high-quality omega-3 products for pets via Bioriginal's all natural salmon and pollock oils. Bioriginal's fishing practices are grounded in a commitment to transparency making them the sustainable choice for Vital Pet Life's pet wellness mission.

"At Vital Pet Life, we understand that supply chain and sustainability are inseparable. In partnering with Bioriginal, we're able to integrate their pure fish oil products with our mission of sustainability to create a win-win solution for pet owners. We know pets are family and their owners want to feel confident and secure in what they feed their pets. Our partnership offers pet owners continuing trust through Bioriginal's transparency, thus raising the bar within the pet industry," says Donie Yamamoto, CEO and Founder of Vital Pet Life."

The benefits of this new partnership include;

  • An ongoing strategic and business development
  • Supply chain transparency
  • A solid supply chain for Vital Pet Life's core portfolio

"From our initial meeting with Vital Pet Life, it was clear that transparency and sustainability are critical to their brand promise. This aligns well with Bioriginal's commitment to supply chain strength, transparency and long-term sustainability. Bioriginal is proud to partner with Vital Pet Life," says Cameron Kupper, Vice President, Business Development with Bioriginal.

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