Ways to Celebrate National Pet Week

Dog wearing shades

The first week of May (May 1-7) is National Pet Week. Let’s show our pets how much we love them by giving them a little extra love this week!

No matter where you are, what day or time it is, our pets always seem to make the world a brighter, happier place!

Whether companion, comedian, confidant, or protector, our pets are always there for us.

Pets are more than a 6 AM running partner, a wagging tail at the door each day you come home from work, or a cuddle buddy on the couch.

Pets are family

Fur parent holding dog's paws

Regardless of how tough things are right now with the coronavirus and everything else going on in the world, our pets are always there to provide comfort, sympathy, and love whenever we need it.

We are going to share with you a few things you can do with your pet this week to show them a little extra love and be sure to remember to keep social distancing while in public places with your pet.

Different Ideas to Celebrate National Pet Week

Go For a Ride

Dog enjoying the view inside the car

Many dogs like to get in the car, stick their faces out the window, and take in the fresh air as you tour around town. Want to get out of your house for the day, fuel up the vehicle, and take a drive. Be sure to pack a picnic lunch, bring treats and water for your furry friend, and just get out and enjoy the day!

Go to the Park

Dog running at the park

Let your furry friend enjoy the new spring smells and views while walking in the park! Be sure to keep them on their leash, and as, always don't forget their water, oh and yours too.

Teach Them a New Trick

Dog playing with a ball

You know that saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” I must say that I am not a fan of this saying at all. There are still little tricks an old dog can learn, such as: shake, lay down, bark on demand, kiss, and even hug!

Bath Time!

Dog taking a bath

Not many dogs love taking a bath, but we all like to be clean, and so do they (once they have dried out). Our shampoo does not contain any Sulfates, Parabens, or Isothiazolinones that are common in so many other pet care and can be harmful to your pet. Our natural dog shampoo consists of Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, and Jojoba Oil, which helps moisturize and soften their coats, keeping them soft, shiny, and smooth. If you can't give your dog a bath, call up your groomer and see if they can get you in this week.

Keep them Happy and Healthy

Dog happy laying on the grass

They do their “job” to keep us happy, let’s do the same for them! Be sure you take them for walks, feed them the right food, and give them supplements that they need to stay happy and healthy for as long as you can!

Celebrate Nation Pet Week

Celebrate National Pet Week by recognizing our fun-loving family members who give us everything, asking only for a smile, tummy rub, or even a little treat in return!

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