Owner petting his dog

Be PAWESOME and Change A Pet’s Life Day

January 24 is Change a Pet’s Life Day, and we want to encourage you to Change a Pet’s Life Day. Are you looking to add a fur-baby to the family? Your first stop should be at a rescue or shelter.

If you aren’t looking to add a furry friend to your family right now, you can always invest your time, money, or both. Spending your time and money at the shelter, you are helping to improve the lives of many pets that are in need.

We want to offer five ideas to help change the lives of rescued or sheltered pets.

Volunteer 1 or 2 Hours a Week

Volunteering to animal shelter

There’s never a wrong time to start investing more of your free time to volunteering, but starting at an animal shelter might be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Shelter pets need time and love. Shelters are continually looking for more helping hands, people willing to contribute to the well-being and care of animals while they wait for their new fur-ever home. 

As a volunteer, you can take dogs for a walk and take the time to play with the cats. Offering your care and attention to these worthy pets helps improve their socialization with people as well, which can be a massive contributor to assisting them to get adopted. 

Some shelters need volunteers to fundraise, run events, take photos, post on social media, make repairs, or help with everyday housekeeping. Different organizations have different needs, so stop by, pick up the phone, or visit their websites to see how you can get involved and help change their lives fur-ever.

Foster a Pet


Not everyone is ready for the full-time commitment of adopting a pet, but you can help free up some space in a shelter or rescue by fostering a pet until they can find them forever homes.

Space is very limited in shelters and rescue organizations. By fostering a pet, you are providing loving, safe homes until they are adopted. Sometimes, foster parents provide personalized care for pets recovering from surgery, injury, or illness. Or they provide longtime shelter or rescue residents with a “break” so to speak, from the shelter environment. 


Give donations to animal shelters

Many rescues and shelters are short on funds to feed and care for all the animals that end up in their shelters. An excellent way for you to change a pet’s life would be to donate.

Extra towels and blankets lying around your house? Take them to the shelter. The staff will use the towels and blankets to make beds for the pups, so they aren’t laying on a cold floor. If you’ve recently lost a cat or dog that’s passed away or you know someone who has pet amenities to spare, the rescues and shelters can put these to good use. Leftover cat or dog food that isn’t going to get eaten? Please take it to the shelter. Got some extra cash this week? Take it down to the shelter! 


Adopting a pet

Adopting a pet or encourage your friends to adopt is a great way to change a pet’s life. There are millions of wonderful, beautiful, loving animals longing for their forever home! If you have the resources, time, space, and love to give, adoption is the best way to change a pet’s life! The great thing about adopting from a shelter or rescue is you are actually saving two pets’ lives! When you adopt a pet, you are making room for another one to be rescued!

Help Spread the Word

Spread the word and adopt a dog

Use your social media platforms for something good on Change a Pet’s Life Day. Check your local shelters and see if they are holding any events for Change A Pet’s Life Day. Help raise awareness about the January 24 event with your followers, friends, and family to spread the word and get people talking. 

Take a few minutes to post pictures like a cute puppy in a fluffy sweater or a cat bundled up in a soft blanket to draw attention and share what your local shelters and rescues are doing for Save a Pet’s Life Day. If anyone wants information on the adoptable pets, send them to the website or shelter to start the application process. We want to help find all the pets a new loving owner as quickly as possible, and all it takes is a few minutes of your time and doesn’t cost a dime!

Posting on social media about other events at your local shelters raises more awareness over the long-term beyond just this one special day. Every little bit counts for the quest to find a loving cat or dog a supporting family and home.

Created in 2009, National Change a Pet’s Life Day (January 24) recognizes the hard work of animal shelter staff and volunteers, encourages the adoption of shelter pets, and raises awareness about the challenges animals in the shelter face. 

Please share your rescue stories with us on social media and be sure to tag us at @vitalpetlife and use the hashtags: #ChangeAPetsLifeDay or #NationalChangeAPetsLifeDay. Use these hashtags on social media to help spread the word!