National Holistic Pet Day

National Holistic Pet Day

Why Holistic Pet Health is Essential

What is "holistic health" for your pet? Holistic health is taking steps towards wellness that addresses the whole pet - body, mind, and spirit. It's all about health and wellness, a preventative lifestyle for your four-legged friends.

You can help improve your pet's quality of life by just changing a few things:

What you feed them

Feed Dog Holistic Foods

Nutrition is the most crucial part of holistic health for your pet and yourself. Diet and nutrition of organic and natural food have many health benefits, including boosting their immune system. Changing your pet's food is an easy way to prevent diseases and other health problems, including allergies.

The dog's digestive system isn't meant to process all the preservatives and chemicals included in the average dog food. By feeding them high-quality, natural dog food will help them fight allergies, intestinal problems, obesity, diabetes, and many other food-related diseases.

And water! Water is the most critical nutrient for long and healthy life. Pets need plenty of freshwater. It is suggested that you use a stainless steel bowl instead of a plastic bowl.


Dogs that are healthy are playing

Exercise! Just like us, your pet needs to stay active to help keep them healthy. By keeping your pet busy, you aid them in staying physically fit, helps weight loss, lowers cholesterol and diabetes risk, and lessens the risk of heart disease.

Ways to keep them, and you active, would be to go for a walk or run. Explore a nearby park. Let's get them out so they can see and smell the outdoors!

Keeping your pet active helps with muscle, joints, and bones, but we need to take care of their fur and skin as well. If your furry four-legged friend has dry, itchy skin, we suggest giving them Salmon Oil. The essential fatty acids in salmon fish oil can help promote healthy skin by strengthening cell membranes and keeping them moist and resistant to damage.

Mind and Spirit

Dog with healthy mind and spirit

While keeping your dog physically active is essential, so is stimulation. A healthy brain will keep your pet happy, well-balanced, and help eliminate bad behavior caused by boredom. You can find toys that are specifically designed to challenge dogs to solve a puzzle for a treat. Hide treats in different areas of your home or apartment and have your dog search them out using its sense of smell.

How Can We Contribute to Our Pet Health Care and Wellness?

We play a significant role in the health of our pets. Food, the amount of exercise, and mental stimulation will lead to your four-legged friend's excellent health and well-being. In addition to all of the above, showing affection to your pet will also help your pet's health. Incorporating these small steps of "holistic health" into your pet's life is a fantastic opportunity to keep him or her happy and healthy, in body, mind, and spirit.